• The specifics of my business are such that it is extremely important for me not only to attract a customer, but also to increase his average check. Otherwise, profitability goes down a lot.
    That’s why correctly working Upsells & Cross Sells options with wide settings are very important to me. Also, dynamic pricing options (including the ability to use coupons and free gifts), AB testing and localization (my website is not in English) are very important to me too.
    You can say that there are many similar plugins. Yes, you will be right (before I used to install several plugins too , which mostly covered my needs). But everyone who creates their own sites strives to install as few plugins as possible, because “the more different plugins – the more likely they will conflict with each other”.
    Using the Offermative plugin – you get an great All-in-one solution with guaranteed compatibility and no problems and errors due to inconsistent code. A special word of thanks to the support team – they are always ready to help with solving problems and are very constructive with suggestions for new functionality 🙂
    PS And I’m really looking forward to the new feature – showing Upsells & Cross Sells products not only based on the products in the cart, but also based on the previous customer reactions (acceptance or rejection of the previously shown offer).
    Sorry for my English – it’s not my native language 🙂

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