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  • to be able to set whole dashboard to “dark-mode”, “night-mode” eg. is to me a must have and will become a fashion, while it is a dire necessity.

    My knwoledge:
    Webpages and software is styled in an unnatural/perverted manner. Take a look into nature (a city is not nature) and tell me where you find something commensurable existing that appears in our usual human habitat, that looks like a webpage, software … like a dashboard within WP. Writing in black on white paper was a pragmatic manner to do so – primally due to keep expenses for printing as low as possible.

    My opnion:
    At actual state DarkPress is more likely a “black-out-mode” – there is no gradual scaling on fields, script etc. -, as you wont be able to see the things needed to do your work. Classic Editor stays with background-color in white and text-color in black.

    I can count a number of reason’s to do more likely a kind of “night-mode” or “natural-mode” but the main reasons are health for eyes and mind. To use white or black as background is both wrong to do so – white outshines and the mind construed black as a mystery, an unknown influence.

    My evaluation.
    DarkPress in it’s actual version is useless – it’s at his very turn to a more right direction. I did test all of the other plugins – non of them works or fulfils basic necessities. Most of them are not compatible with page builders or behave different using computer or tablet’s.

    My feature request:
    1. such a plugin has to turn the whole white-black spectrum to darkgray-white
    2. it has to keep colours unchanged – all colours has to stay as is/was – (white and black are actually no colours! – they don’t exist within known light spectrum)
    3. customisable for background and text colours
    4. customisable for whole site and/or dashboard
    5. customisable for Gutenberg block editor and/or classic editor.

    Thank’s in advance

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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