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  • dcrunningguy


    I struggled for days trying to create custom posts from ACF forms. Days, I tell you. ACF is good for a lot of things, but their documentation on “forms to custom posts” is straight up garbage. I’m good with PHP, and nothing worked.

    Now, I have a plea to the dev on this-

    Please, please, please maintain it. You can make money off of it with paid features. Do that. Anything to incentivize you to maintain. People don’t maintain shit after they create it in WordPress. It’s a pain or they get bored or jaded or buy the farm or whatever. I don’t know. But what I do know is the road is littered with needed plugins that were abandoned like a prom baby.

    I write most of my own code because of this issue. But I was stuck and you saved the day.

    Don’t be that guy. People will pay you. I will pay you. Just maintain it. Make it a side business.


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