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  • I felt I had to register a username just to let other users know how awesome this plugin is. 🙂

    A suggestion to make it even better (and get the 5 stars it would deserve): a couple of tooltips in its screen…
    The fact is that not everyone has the same experience with WP.

    The first time I used it I had VEEERY little knowledge of all the “custom stuff” in wordpress, and still I needed this function, so… I tried.
    I screwed “a couple” of things up, and realizing that I had to redo many things from scratch was annoying. Not annoying enough to hurl the computer out of the window, but close enough lol. I know it was only my fault, but filling the page with tooltips would certainly help.

    Oh, and you know what’d be a 10-stars feature? The ability to convert [posts] from [category+subcategories] into [CPT] from [CT+subCPT], keeping the correct hierarchy.
    (I hope it’s clear: english is not my language; btw if it’s already possible, I must have missed something)

    Anyway, I’d definitely suggest this plugin. ^_^

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