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  • Hi guys,

    I’m absolutely new at this. There are so many WP Themes they worry me about their functionality (is this the right term?).

    I have a long plug-in wish list for my blog use (18) and after about 3 hours of reading the Themes pros and cons I am now afraid to break something.

    Can someone point out to me a stable and robust Theme that will not break if use all these plugins? If someone can offer me advice, I can show them my plugin wish list.

    Someone please help as I’m just a mum starting out on the world-wide web.

    Thanks in advance.

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  • Perhaps you wouldn’t mind sharing the list with us here? 🙂

    I got this from a friend who paid someone and I like the way it works. Ok here goes…
    1) KOF WordPress plugin
    2) WP Sitemap Plugin
    3) Putting You Tube Video in WordPress Posts
    4) Another WordPress Meta Plugin
    5) Akismet
    6) Exec-PHP
    7) Optimal Title
    8) Popularity Contest
    9) Subscribe comments
    10) Tagalize it
    11) Feedburner Feed Replacement Plugin
    12) Smart Update Pinger
    13) Ad Rotator
    14) Adsense Delux plugin Video review
    15) Adsense Deluxe
    16) All in one SEO pack
    17) Bread crumb navigator
    18) My Gravatars

    Whew! I hope it’s not a problem getting it all to work.

    Thanks for your help in advance.


    Thanks for posting the list 🙂 Out of the ones you’ve posted, I am personally using at least 4 on various sites (Akismet, Exec-PHP, Optimal Title, Subscribe comments) with different themes without any problem. Hopefully you might find this information a little useful!

    You maybe interested to note that Optimal Title isn’t really needed anymore with WP 2.5+ (I think?) as WordPress now offers a similar sort of function built-in.

    It is probably quite important to check also that the plugins you’ve listed are compatible up to 2.5.1, although some may still work without any updating. If not, there may always be alternatives that you can use that perform the same function (I’ve noticed this with a few Flickr manager plugins)

    I’m sure many others will be able to contribute their experience, since I have to admit I’m more of an end-user than a programmer. I’ve never had a problem with a theme not working with plugins so far (I’ve tested quite a few quickly and 2 or 3 more robustly) so hopefully this might be a bit more reassuring 🙂

    Thanks for trying Mosey. Yes, and most certainly hope someone can help me out. I’m throwing stones in the dark – or something like that.


    And you could always work with the default theme. That’s a pretty basic, unbreakable theme.

    When I’m looking for a theme, I upload a few that I like to my theme directory and try them out. I add all the plugins one-by-one and see if they play nicely together.

    The worst that has ever happened has been that one of the plugins “breaks” the theme or makes the site work improperly. But this is a temporary problem: all I have to do to fix it is uninstall the plugin (or delete it from the theme directory) and presto, everything is back to normal.

    And there are so many different plugins that do similar things that you should have no troubles finding a workable substitute for a plugin that won’t fit in with the group.

    It’s not usually a theme issue, it’s that some plugins don’t play nice with other plugins. It depends on the nature of the plugin, and if it works very close to WP’s bones, then there are chances for conflict. If they work currently, then they should just work. But Rosie gave some excellent advice. Should you find that a plugin isn’t compatible with WP 2.5.1, surely there are others out there with the same functionailty out there which ARE. So hopefully all is not lost!

    Oh, hello and thanks for your encouragement and advice. I think I’ll try out the method outlined by Rosie and keep my fingers crossed. I’ve seen another site with the plugins on my wish list and they work very well. So, if someone else can do it…it must work.

    Thanks and I’ll keep that in mind too Jonimueller. I just hope that on/off switch for plugins I found in the WP Admin works like it is supposed to.

    Thanks all.

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