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  • Seriously? I just came here to give you guys a 1 star rating since you introduced a top level menu item for a widget! WTF is wrong with you people? Settings belong into the settings section. And a widget has its settings in the widhget itself. Damn this is annoying, useless and definitely a no go.

    Keep your stuff straight and understand that users hate cluttering their backends with unnerving plugin menus.


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  • Hi @phalancs, as per your note in the support forum and my reply there, I’m copying it over here both for you and incase someone comes and reads this review.

    Indeed we have retracted that piece of code. I’m sorry that it caused you frustration. I would be delighted if you would reconsider your rating since we literally only added that code yesterday and then retracted it already exactly because it was inconsistent with our ethos of keeping the plugin light and clutter-free.

    We’ve never put ads in the plugin. We’ve never asked money for it. We were hoping to use that code to learn more about our users so we could better serve them but as you point out, that approach needs a lot more thought before it is ready for prime time.

    Thank you all the same for taking the time to write us. I hope this reply helps.

    Hi @phalancs,

    Just wanted to take responsibility on that one. I’m the founder of Freemius, and as mentioned by Peter, the goal is to help developers understand the usage of their plugins, to improve it.

    I absolutely agree with you that the update experience was not good, and as Peter mentioned, it was already removed from the plugin till we come up with a better user-experience.

    I would like to ask kindly you reconsider changing your 1-star review since it’s our fault and not the plugin author’s fault. Thank you!

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    Wow, I can tell from your commitment to this issue that you really take it serious. And I appreciate that a lot.

    I have changed my rating and consider giving the plugin another try to see what has changed. Sorry for my tone, I needed to release steam and did not mean to be harsh. But as you know argueing online can create some steam from time to time.

    Thank you @phalancs!

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