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  • With WP 2.5 we see some super cool new features, but the bigger question is why WP is trying to force things on us we don’t want. I don’t know whats up, but if they want to do crazy stuff add a settings page where we can at least customize our own dashboard. I finally snapped when I realized that my admin panel was limited to under 1000 pixels wide.

    Dion wrote this plugin to remove it which is big props for him, and should be a slap to devs wgo thought they could push such foolishness on us…

    **simulated meeting. Any similarity to WP devs living or dead would explain a whole lot**

    So guys. What should we do for our next big update?”

    “Why don’t we redesign the admin panel and take away the scaling size. We’ll make it fit 1024×768 screen resolutions. Just lock them in to around 1000px wide and they can learn the smaller space instead of what their are used to on the High Resolution screens that come on nearly every new computer these days”

    “Ooh Ooh me next! Why don’t we start with the dashboard. I was thinking stuff like writing the word “Dashboard” in huge letters. Sure it will cost screen real estate but we want them to know their on the dashboard”

    Good idea. While were at it why don’t we add their blog name on the entire admin panel in huge letters and in it’s own line. They might forget it sometime”

    “Hey I got an idea! Why don’t we make boxes and text oversized in places. Like ya know, for a toddler. Then to keep their eyes used to different sizes we’ll make stuff like the plugin link way off to the right and smaller so that things are scattered all over the screen”

    “Good stuff team. Lets get to it”

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  • but the bigger question is why WP is trying to force things on us we don’t want.

    Goodness. I wish somebody had tried to force me to upgrade! I just went ahead and did it without any threats or arm-twisting. Should I have held out?

    I mean, I had no problems at all on any of my websites, but still. To think I missed having one of the WP developers actually attempt to force their wicked WordPress 2.5 ways upon me…

    Was it that rapscallion Matt Mullenweg??? I mean, he looks so boyish, so innocent, so unassuming, and yet I always felt there was a little bit of the marauder pirate in him. YO HO HO with those pretty permalinks, my hearty! Arrrrgh!

    Lordy, is it getting warm in here?

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