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  1. alakhnor
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    Here is my new plugin: ptAlbum.

    The concept: I wanted to have a simple and unique way to manage and insert albums of all kind of media in a blog.

    Main functions


    • manage pictures (local or remote), mp3, flv and youtube videos as single media.
    • manage album. Albums can be a mix of all single media and can include a FlickR set in addition.
    • single media can be uploaded to the server (multiple upload is available) or created from a server path.
    • thumbnails are dynamically generated.
    • a FlickR set can be created to FlickR.com from an album.
    • multi-user: each user has his own upload space and FlickR keys.


    • Display uses a lot of javascript to expand content in pop-up frames. Several frames can be expanded in the same time (the idea is: you can listen to music while going through pictures ;)).
    • Post inserts are done with tags.
    • FlickR sets can be inserted directly with a tag, or by adding a specific class to the html link.
    • Album can be inserted inside text. It can be just an expanded frame firing from a text, or a presentation with multiple options available.
    • Display options includes simpleviewer, simple horizontal list of media, links to mp3 or video attached to the album and FlickR options.
    • Thumbnail and picture sizes are compliant with FlickR's standard.
    • Multiple options are available with tags to control display: size of thumbnails, size of pictures, primary pictures,...


    Living example from Rod's site who is helping on the development

    Some examples from the plugin site. And here, another one.

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