• Jacky San wanted me to write a review as I have been using his ClickerVolt for a few months already.. I created a wordpress account just for this as I couldn’t refuse his request. ClickerVolt is really a fantastic tracker for affiliates. I have been using so many other trackers in the past, free ones (like Prosper202) and paid ones (like Voluum), but ClickerVolt has everything I need, at last a tracker that can do what I want it to do!

    Mainly I love its ability to track long funnels, composed of multi-step landers and offer walls. Mind you, Voluum that is pretty expensive cannot do this!

    Pair this with its AIDA tracking, and you have a real winner.

    I won’t go back. Thanks a lot Jacky for making this free, I still can’t believe it 🙂

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