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    I would have to disagree. No admin styles are overwritten and the admin CSS for easy modal is only loaded on easy modal pages.

    There is short code functionality as well as the ability to select text and choose a modal to be opened from the wp editor styles menu

    The starting theme is also matched to the default wordpress 2013 theme so that is also false.

    As for it not working properly that would be either something in your admin conflicting or just maybe a lack of patience to try it as all other users have been extremely happy with its functionality and we are quick to fix problems.

    Maybe you should try communicating with the developers via the support forums first before posting negative reviews and you would be quick to realize that we respond and solve 90+% of problems in less than an hour.

    Also just because you are using a highly customized plugin like page builder which I also noticed from your recent postings doesn’t work with many top name plugins like yoast seo is not an excuse for engle gent had reviews.

    Have a great day and a Merry Christmas.

    Sorry, I confused two modal plugins. I’ll try to remove this review.

    You’re wrong about Page Builder though. In my posts I’m just confirming that it works great with Yoast, Contact Form 7 etc…

    Plugin Author danieliser


    After further reading i did notice your comments about yoast and page builder. But it was to late to edit my remarks. To which plugin were you referring?

    Please do try and get it changed as we have been working very hard to get our rating over 4.5 over the last 6 months and our reviews reflect this. One review like this sets us back nearly 20 5 star reviews in terms of average.

    Thank you for your honesty as well and please do try our plugin as we and most others feel it is the best out there are are continuing to make it better.

    Can a mod please delete this review? I tagged it with ‘modlook’, Thanks

    It would be better (if you are willing) to change the rating yourself (EDITED – see below for how to get there) – as deleted reviews don’t change the rating averages (known flaw/limitation in current system).

    I don’t see an edit link for the OP. That editing is time-limited as well I think.

    Plugin Author danieliser


    Not sure if that will work several days later? I know the comments lock after 10 minutes, what about the ratings..

    Then again i can change my rating just now and i rated it a long time ago by simply going to the plugins main page and on the right it says just under the ratings, My Rating.

    It allows me to adjust how many stars.. Not sure that will do it or not but worth a shot.

    Thanks Mod.

    Thanks, that was the way to go. I’ll try your plugin next week and write a proper review.

    Plugin Author danieliser


    Thanks Pixelstyle and Mod.

    Please do and be sure to post in the forums before posting issues in a review. I understand posting a review like that if you got no answer in support within a reasonable time.

    But as you may have noticed I have reviews and support tickets piped into my phone and they ding like a text message so I usually reply within a few minutes so let us know what you need.

    Also new Documentation is in the works already and an entirely new website is about 95% done to be launched this week as well.

    Yep, ratings can be changed indefinitely – unlike other threads. Sounds like a good resolution all the way around :)!

    Plugin Author danieliser


    Hey Pixie,

    Just wondering if youve had a chance to try it out.


Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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