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  • Resolved catuyen



    A previous developer helped me write this function to get the post view from REHUB theme and display it in another plugin as a shortcode. It works but when I turn on debug, there are a lot of warnings.


    function custom_get_view_post( $attrs, $content ) {
    	if(rehub_option('post_view_disable') != 1 && function_exists('RH_get_post_views')){
    	    $post_id = get_the_ID();
    	    $views = intval(RH_get_post_views($post->ID));
    	    return $views;
    		return "";
    // add template tag for w4 post list
    add_filter( 'w4pl/get_shortcodes', 'custom_product_shortcodes', 20 );
    function custom_product_shortcodes( $shortcodes ) {
        $shortcodes['views'] = [
            'group' 	=> 'Post', 
    		'callback' 	=> 'custom_get_view_post',
    		'desc' 		=> '<strong>'. __('Output', 'text-domain') .'</strong>'
        return $shortcodes;


    Warning: Undefined variable $post in /home/mysites/web/ on line 26

    Warning: Attempt to read property “ID” on null in /home/mysites/web/ on line 26

    Could some expert here please help me correct this code??

    Thank you so much!

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  • Hardik Thakkar


    Hello @catuyen ,

    Looks like $post is not defined. But you have the post id from $post_id so can you please replace this line

    $views = intval(RH_get_post_views($post->ID));


    $views = intval(RH_get_post_views($post_id));

    and see if that works?

    Thread Starter catuyen


    Amazing @thakkarhardik

    It worked and the warnings are gone.

    God bless you 😉

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    Hardik Thakkar


    Thanks @catuyen. Glad it worked.

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