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    The plugin version is WordPress 5.7.1 with the Twenty Twenty theme.
    I put a clean WordPress. With the default theme. No more plugins.

    I put Query Monitor and looked at the main page of the site – 19 queries.
    I activated your plugin – now there are 69 requests.
    Do you feel the difference?!

    Do you think the plugin should make so many requests? Even WordPress doesn’t make that many requests.

    Why does your plugin make so many database queries?
    WP Rollback does not allow me to roll back to the 3rd version of the plugin. You killed a plugin and prevented rollback to previous versions.

    I installed All in one seo pack the 3.7.1 version from the archive.
    And I was not surprised by the results: on the main page there are 24 requests to the database. i.e. the plugin version 3.7.1 creates 5 requests to the database by default on a clean installation, and your new miracle – 50 requests to the database. Do you have any control over what you do?

    Yoast seo plugin during installation gave us only +2 queries to the database (there are only 21 requests on the home page – this is together with WordPress).
    You created a monster. I do not recommend you to anyone and will stay away. You had 4 months (December 21, 2020) after switching to the 4th branch. And you didn’t even deign to look at the metrics.

    And advertising – you are mired in it. No matter what page of the plugin I go to, you are pointing ads at me. They spammed the pages of the PRO version’s features. Well, it could be done in one place. Why do I need a bunch of settings pages in the admin panel – which are just spam?

    On the working site, the plugin creates 52 queries to the database and there is no way to remove your plugin without losing the CEO indicators. It remains only to prohibit updating it and stay on version 3.7 and look for a competent SEO specialist to translate the Yoast plugin to us

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    Hey @otshelnik-fm,

    That’s correct, our plugin runs a number of queries for various purposes. However, it’s important to note that these queries should only lead to a negligible increase in the page load time. We optimize our queries every chance we get.

    Our Lead Developer and I together had a look at this together and found that the amount of queries increased from 19 to 63 on the homepage, like you said. However, those additional 44 queries had a cumulative execution time of 0.0015 seconds, which is practically unnoticeable.

    Regardless, we’ve opened a ticket so we can see where we can improve things a bit. If you’re experiencing a much higher increase in your page load time, please let us know and we’ll be happy to troubleshoot that with you.

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    cumulative execution time of 0.0015 seconds

    on a live project, your plugin added 0,0225s

    Fast requests or not, but I can see that you lost control of the plugin. Because in the 3rd version there were 10 times fewer requests. And your competitors ‘ plugins are more productive in this regard. It is a pity that you do not understand the problem and pretend that this is how it should be.

    Well, as for the ad – you didn’t answer me – you spammed all the plugin settings pages with this ad. Why should I go from setting to setting and see instead of the promised item “buy”? Hide these pages and these settings. Display the pro version banner in the sidebar and don’t waste my time navigating through spam pages

    For a single plugin, creating 6 tables in a database is also the norm? Yes, it’s time for you to release your CMS with so many queries and tables in the database. And you deny that you created an uncontrolled monster. Go back to the 3rd version of the plugin

    3.7 https://plugintests.com/plugins/wporg/all-in-one-seo-pack/3.7.1
    4.1 https://plugintests.com/plugins/wporg/all-in-one-seo-pack/latest

    In the front, the plugin should only receive data for the page. And remove all other service items in the cron. You have inserted a third-party actionscheduler-but you do not understand how to work with it effectively.

    The plugin was sold to the barbarians. The new company is chasing money and has destroyed a good plugin. Top managers apparently want to quickly release a raw product (bad mvp), and programmers just use the newfangled, but do not understand how to work effectively with it.

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