After about one month of regular contact with the devs of this plugin it now works just as I need it, and that thanks to the devs who took my feature suggestion and added it to the plugin.

    My previous problem was that I needed a way to exclude posts that belonged to a specific category, even if they belonged to other categories I had deemed “shareable”.
    It took a few emails before the specifics about the feature was ironed out, but then it was all quick work. I even got an email from them at 20:22 PM on New Years Eve telling me that a new version was ready to be tested for possible bugs. That’s dedication!

    Now it all works just as I need it and I can save hours every week by completely automating the posting to my social chanels, complete with specific hashtags per blogg category, images and previews.

    Great plugin

    I’ve used Buffer My Posts for over a year. It has always worked flawlessly.

    However, when it recently got updated to Hype (name change etc.) the crucial features disappeared.

    ·I can no longer get images with my tweets
    ·I can no longer exclude categories completely. Posts which belong in more than one category, where at least one is suposed to be blocked, are posted anyway

    These where my two main reasons to use Buffer My Posts in the first place.

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  • Plugin Author HYPEStudio


    Thank you for using HYPESocial – Buffer plugin.

    We have optimized the code, fixed the bugs and added a bunch of new features in the new version. As we have spent a lot of time on this we had to start selling the plugin so we can continue to provide a great value to everybody and top-notch customer support. We will also continue with adding new features, too. In the same time we left the features that are more than enough for the basic user in the free version and more than any of our competitors have, but if you still need more please consider upgrading to the PRO version. Adding images to tweets, for example is now available in our PRO version only. Regarding “excluding categories” feature we have changed it now to be “including categories”, which means that you should check only the categories that you want to be shared (as this way it’s better user experience).
    In your case, if selecting categories to be shared doesn’t work, you can also create new category just for sharing posts with the name, for example “for sharing”, and then just assign the post(s) that you want to share to that category. You can still exclude categories completely, just not check them to be shared.
    Thank you for the understanding.
    Hope this helps and that you will reconsider your rating of our plugin.

    Great of you to reply.

    I understand that you need to charge money for the plugin, no one can work for free. And I would gladly give you the few dollars it costs, if it didn’t miss a crucial feature.

    I need the plugin to be able to exclude posts that belong to certain categories. Not just posts that ONLY belong to certain categories. That difference is huge.

    For example.
    Posts that are kategorised as “News” are not timeless, and thus I don’t want them to be buffered and shared to my social chanels at random. However, the news can still be a news about shoes, and thus the post fits in both the “News” and the “Shoes” category. So, you see my dilemma. I can not use your plugin anymore, it does not matter how little it would cost, it just doesn’t fill the same function any more.

    If you could fix it, I would gladly buy it, and rate it much higher.

    Plugin Author HYPEStudio



    Thank you for the feedback.

    As we have mentioned in our previous reply our plan is to add new features constantly based on what our users want.
    We will add this to our list of features (with TOP priority) for our future releases and we will notify you directly once we add it.

    Thank you so much for the understanding and sorry for the inconvenience.



    Well that’s fantastic to hear!
    Im looking forward to hearing from you, please, email me at [ redacted, support is not offered via email, Skype, IM etc. only in the forums ] once the feature is available and I’ll gladly open the wallet and upgrade my review 🙂 .

    Thanks for an impressive customer support

    Plugin Author HYPEStudio


    Hi Eklundz,
    It’s Dejan form HYPEStudio.

    I have talked to the rest of the team and we are not 100% sure that we understand you regarding this issue (https://wordpress.org/support/topic/a-lot-of-missing-features?replies=5#post-).
    So, before we proceed and implement the feature that you want we wanted to clarify with you 100% “your need” as we don’t want to spent hours implementing something that you don’t need.

    You want exclude categories feature back? We can do that no problem!
    We are still puzzled with the post that belongs to 2 categories News and Shoes as if you exclude category News that post will still be posted from category Shoes if that category is not excluded right?

    Can you please advise.


    Plugin Author HYPEStudio




    Hi Dejan, great hearing from you!

    The feature I’m after is the “old exclude category” from the previous app “Buffer my posts”

    Here is a little back story:

    I was using buffer my posts to automatically schedule 3 posts a day from the pool of timeless articles we have on Obsid.se. We write stuff that will always be interesting and helpful, for instance “How to tie a bow tie” or “how to mix a Bloody Mary drink”. These articles can be shared to our social media any time of the year, and an unlimited amount of times, for all eternity, since we have thousands of articles, so the risk of it being shared to often is negligible.
    So, that’s what we use buffer my posts for.

    However, only about 90% of the articles are timeless, the other 10% are temporary stuff, like an event that’s coming up or a movie premier that we cover. And we really do not want to schedule these type of articles to our social media at random, since they are only interesting during the time that the event takes place. The articles are still live on the site though, if someone want to search for it or read it again for some reason.

    Enough back story, here is our problem 🙂 :

    To solve the 90-10 problem mentioned above I’ve created a category that translates to “News and other stuff”. The purposes of the category is to put all the non-timeless stuff in there and then exclude that category in Buffer my posts. That way they wouldn’t be posted to social media via the plugin.
    In the old version of the plugin any post that belonged to an excluded category would NOT be scheduled, no matter how many other categories it belonged to.
    We often use multiple categories for one post since it makes it easier to find interesting content. For example, a post could fit perfectly in both “Funny” and “Videos” if it’s a funny video.
    So in the old plugin, a post that belonged to the categories “News and other stuff”, “Movies” and “Videos” would NOT be scheduled to buffer.
    But in the new plugin only the posts that ONLY belong to the category “News and other stuff” are excluded, if it was in “Videos” as well, it will be scheduled since the category “Videos” is not excluded.

    So, as you can se, for the new plugin to work, I would have to go back and remove all categories except “News and other stuff” from the posts I don’t want to be scheduled.
    And that’s not really possible.

    To put it in short. I need the “Exclude category” feature to be like a “Hard Ban” for the post. If it’s in that category, it needs to completely remove it from the list of posts that can be scheduled in buffer. No matter what other categories its tagged with.

    I hope I wasn’t to unclear now :), I realize it might be a unique problem.


    p.s I tried to reply to your email, but it said I didn’t have permission to send email to that adress, just so you know.

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