• css is a mess, hundereds of forced important-styles. Same with the php code: You can recognize a good first idea of structure, but that became a mess obvisously after a while of different coding leading to a lot of bugs, the support cannot cope with in time. Do not pay for this plugin, unless you only need very few functions! 2 stars because the design is still beautiful…

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    Hello besser-bilden,

    Than you for taking the time to leave your review. I’m sorry to hear that the plugin didn’t work for you.

    We’ve had to force some css styles due some conflicts with themes. Although, we try our users to get a well developed theme we’ve been always force to add some “!important” styles. Most of our users don’t know css coding, meaning we just can’t get back to them asking them they should change their themes, we need to offer them some kind of solution.

    Once again, thank you for you review. We will improve the css coding.

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