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  • I’ve been entirely too profligate in changing permalinks in the past, and now I’m trying to clean up my act, but I have an unexpected problem–I’ve broken all my external links and my ability to HAVE external links to some files. I changed my permalink structure from year/month/postname to /postname/ then installed the redirection plugin and then saw thousands of attempted redirections that were yielding 404’s. I read in the Yoast blog that redirection would automatically fix that but assumed I had the order of execution wrong, so I turned off the plugin, switched back to /year/month/postname/ then turned the plugin on and switched to /postname/. Worked, sort of, but all my external links–mostly pictures like wpcontent/uploads/2011/11/sam.png were broken–and are being treated like permalinked posts. I can see why that might be, but I can’t fix it. Pushing the panic button on the plugin (delete all redirection and deactivate the plugin) did NOT solve the problem. I could use some help with this. I’m also using bulletproof security with fiddles with the .htaccess files a lot. I’m no expert on .htaccess and regular expressiions look like Klingon to me.


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  • I’ve fiddled with this some more, and even with the redirection plugin disabled there seems to be something remaining in the site somewhere that is redirecting certain URLs, and particularly strange is that it seems to have something to with whether I’ve FTP’ed an image into place or used the media tool in wordpress. I suspect there is still something redirecting new uploads since the older files that were ftp’ed seem to work: is a picture I’m nearly certain was uploaded via FTP in 2007 and it works. I just ftp’ed and it creates a 404 if I browse that URL (with no indication of a redirect), then I uploaded via the media tool and it works.

    Pardon my french but WTF? Some residual rule that the plugin left in the database? or did it perhaps modify the .htaccess (I’m using Bulletproof security which tinkers with the .htaccess files, which might cloud things a bit).

    I’d really like to fix this and get on with the effort of redirecting a few zillion links to my site that are currently busted.

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