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    Latest W3TC. Current on version of New Relic, Running my CloudFlare through the W3TC plugin.

    System is a EC2 Micro, with Nginx. Opcode is in use an up to date, as is the 5.4 fastcgi version of PHP.

    Every transaction gets me one of these:
    Declaration of W3_Cache_Apc::delete() should be compatible with W3_Cache_Base::delete($key, $group = ”)

    That is from my New Relic log, where I of course have a “fail” rate of 100% because of it.

    Turning off plugins does not help. No more than half a dozen lines of custom code. Adding templates and hookable functions to a cruddy theme that did not come with them. Should be way out of your territory I would think.

    Errors go to 0 when W3TC is disabled, after you give it a chance to replace the file in the root of content… which makes me think that I should bring up that one of your master files was found half written out yesterday and had to be replaced with a backup. It was the one in the root or cache folder, I can’t remember exactly where it came from.

    Config file available on request.


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  • I’m getting the same error on W3TC with PHP 5.4.

    Strict Standards: Declaration of W3_Cache_Apc::delete() should be compatible with W3_Cache_Base::delete($key, $group = '') in <b>/Users/user/Documents/Sites/s3v11157/php/wp-content/plugins/w3-total-cache/lib/W3/Cache/Apc.php on line 15

    Fred isn’t noted for answering unless you buy a service contract. He has even been known to tell users who have not anted up that he has more important things to do on the product etc, since support to non subscribers doesn’t make him any money.

    I can’t remember the cure, but there may not be one. It is just a “strict standards” notice, useful for future proofing your code. It is there so that plugin and application programmers can write clean, secure code.

    I suggest that you look into changing your production errors string in php.ini or your fast cgi conf file to include ~strict. You also need to be sure that you are logging in production of course, not displaying errors. Many people just turn all errors off unless there is some problem, but that means paying attention ot your strict, notice and doingitwrong notes while you develop, and catching all the real world edge cases in testing. Not always possible 😉

    Here, I give you a present, not a link to another cache product, but which separates out your depreciated messages during dev and keeps track of them. That way your debug streams are uncluttered by endless repetition with every page load!

    You know, I don’t recall at all how I fixed that. New Relic would pick it up in production and alerted me to it. I’m thinking maybe Fredrick did fix it, or maybe an upgrade to APC fixed things up.

    Good luck!

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