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  • Hi i just want to say that this plugin is wonderfull,and i am verry happy with it.I just have one little problem.Let say i create a keyword called dog,i set a link/links to it.Now when in post it is working ok but a little exveption is that i have the word hot-dog or watchdogs it will link to my setup link,but i do not want this,instead i want that only if the word is alone and not into another word to be linked.It is possible to achieve this?Thanks

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  • Arthur Klein


    Love the plugin nothing else like it.

    3 little things i couldn’t figure out… please define /explain deeper.

    1. couldn’t figure out “Words Between(optional” totally understand other word options. But couldn’t figure out after trying many numbers in field couldn’t see effect.

    2. Use Nofollow me no understand. I can’t find any deeper doc so what does it do EXACTLY?

    3. I thought i read some where that you could opt out a specific post or page but couldn’t find that option on post edit or page edit. Also is the field in post page for internal link to add for post specifically or to master list or is it just about substitution of post internal link building post setting to take priority over link?

    PS comment above very valid – it be solved by adding a space front and back of link def? Also i see that the message above is 2 WEEKS STALE hope i have better luck with response from Ninja



    @arthur Klein why you spoil a good question with yours?


    You are so right. It seems that the plugin links also words that INCLUDE a keyword. And that is wrong and should be (easily) fixed.

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