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    Hello. I am a CSS coder, and made this simple website as a place show my coding works & receive new orders from clients. Also have a small casual/personal blog too, which at the moment only handful of friends read sometimes 🙂

    Would like to hear all your suggestions/comments/critiques about the design/code quality/content/features etc.

    Thank you for visiting.

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  • Oh btw i see my footer is like starts/ends prematurely.
    Anyone would like to recommend something what (minimal)information i can provide in my footer to make it look better?

    words can’t do justice to your work. I’m totally speechless! ‘Nuff said!
    Re: footer I don’t see any problem or discrepancies with that. But then again I’m new to this.

    when scrolling over the images on the home page, the description that pops up is messed up, hiding behind the other photos.

    Using IE.

    @gimliglider hah ha , i am flattered 😉 thanks! made my day 🙂

    @pawsingleton you are right, i purposely did not check my site in any versions of IE. The thing is i was so fedup making complete compatible sites in IE6-8 for clients that for my personal site i did not care.

    But now that i see advanced users like you also use IE (hopefully sometimes?) i guess the least i should do is make it 7/8 compatible. Thanks for the tip 🙂

    You shouldn’t even begin to imagine how terribly fed-up I’m with IE-6,7 and 8. It’s unbelievable that IE is the lamest excuse for a browser developed by a company that dominates the computer industry. My website performs exactly as I want it to be in virtually all browsers (Opera, Safari, Firefox you name it) but it would glitch out and crash and burn in IE (even IE8).

    Also IE8 keeps popping up an annoying dialog box asking me to send them suggestions and stuff ever time I open it up and there’s no option that it offers so that I could disable it. The only two available options are Next and Ask Me Later.

    I’m now looking for a plug-in or writing a code myself that would do a browser check as soon as user comes to my website, and then if any version of IE is detected, it would pop up a javascript-powered dialog box saying that “IE is not and will never be compatible with this site. Please download Browser X Y and Z from the following links respectively. Link 1 link 2 link 3 etc

    Sorry for the rant, but I really had to say it

    Can’t agree more. Lets meet and grab a beer sometime? 😉

    yeah sure. Let me come to India first…or you come to US lol

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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