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  • OK, so I’ve been a little busy and there has been considerable dust from the remodeling, but I think it’s looking pretty good. Feedback from the #wordpress channel on IRC has been favorable, mostly.
    I redesigned my site using Gemini and some of the elements from my old style, Blue-Fade. I also added many plugins and also an integrated forum. The site does not validate in all areas, a little problem with PHP session id’s. I am still trying to figure out how to get rid of those. Also, the forum is table based, I am slowly rewriting the table code to use CSS rather than inline attributes.
    Come kick the tires. Let me know what you think.

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  • Hi Dave:

    Warning: This site might not be compatible with Internet Explorer

    You are not wrong in saying that! In IE your right-side menu has dropped away to the bottom….
    I think this is a Gemini “problem”… and if you FireFox zealots spent a little less time FireBranding, and little more time double checking your sites in the world’s most popular browser, then we IE users might be convinced to take your word on FireFox. 🙂
    (Stay calm, Root) 😉

    You just fixed that this very second, didn’t you! 😉

    well if the IE zealots got off their “everyone else uses it” bandwagon, and tried FireFox, you’d see that it is a superior browser, and that IE rends perfectly good design like crap!

    wairoanz wrote:
    >You just fixed that this very second, didn't you! ;)
    um…. it’s quite possible, I have been working on stuff all day. Little things, like the IE welcome wagon. I have no IE on either computer so testing that little bugger has been difficult.

    And back to the topic at hand….
    It looks great davedorm. I like the way your forum appears with the same styling as the rest of your site.
    Very nice 🙂

    Anyway Dave, it looks great. I think you’re missing the graphic for your Tampa weather though.

    shadow wrote:
    > I like the way your forum appears with the same styling as the rest of your site.
    Yeah, but it still needs some work to pass through the W3C Validator. Once I get it to validate, I plan to document the code and create a package for WordPress users to make it pretty much seamless.
    wairoanz wrote:
    > I think you're missing the graphic for your Tampa weather though.
    Actually, no. It’s a transparent PNG. Does not render right in IE. I have a hack/fix in place for the banner logo, but I have not implemented that hack on the weather icons.
    But, alas, I would not need to hack the thing if IE rendered stuff correctly,now would I?
    You really should switch. Here’s why.

    LOL @ u Dave. I should never have brought the issue up. 🙂

    NuclearMoose wrote:
    What's that Alert Status thing on the side menu?
    I got the images from some guy, I don’t remember where offhand. They represent the Terror Alert Level set by the Dept. of Homeland Security and link back to DHS. They do not change automatically, though, I have to change it manually. But they are links with images, “Alert Status” is a category, they are listed in the WP Links database. I simply hide the ones not active.

    NuclearMoose’s dear old mom is now well on her way to becoming an internationally recognised benchmark for useablity. I often think of it because NM has mentioned her before. She should be doing ads for Firefox 🙂

    On my site, 38.5 % use IE. And dropping. 37.6 % use Mozilla or Firefox, and 20.2 % are reported as “unknown” (probably bots). But my percentages are a little skewed, because I use Firefox and Linux, and the percentages are based on “hits”. Awstats does not mask my IP, so I am on there a lot.

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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