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  • Hi, I have an issue I am hoping someone out there has the answer for.
    I am using WordPress and WP eCommerce to sell a particular type of niche product and my supply agreement dictates that I can only sell to the UK market.
    The supplier also stipulates that my pricing is invisible outside the UK market so I don’t disrupt other markets overseas.
    Easy, I use IQ Block Country to allow only UK IP addresses to view the site.
    Then I start to advertise via Google Shopping, specifying again and within my Google Shopping account that I wish only to display for UK customers.
    After a while I get a 30 day notice from Google saying I need to display worldwide or suspend my Google Shopping account. I explain that I am targeting only UK customers, I don’t want overseas sales, I want the site invisible outside the UK, my Google Shopping account is pointing to UK customers only.
    They come back and say ‘maybe a UK resident is visiting overseas and wants to buy and have goods delivered in UK or something, under Google Shopping rules even though you are strictly targeting UK you MUST display worldwide to comply with Google’.
    Whaaat? Really? So I disable the plugin and my supplier is on my case a few weeks latter asking me what the heck I’m playing at.
    Plugin is reactivated and now I’m waiting for the Google Shopping account to be suspended again when my ‘transgression of the rules’ gets picked up.
    Apart from my anger and disbelief at stoopid Google and its annoying policies (I have had to jump through quite a few different hoops to comply with Google Shopping) I need a solution that will display the site worldwide, show prices in the home market without a login, and require anyone outside the UK to register to see the pricing, then I can filter them out as required.
    I have seen this functionality on other sites but am unsure WP eCommerce is capable of handling this task, any ideas anyone?
    It’s either fix the issue at hand or else just drop Google Shopping for the site. (thats something I’m seriously considering anyway, Google are not top of my Christmas list lately…)
    Any advice and pointers very welcome!


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  • WPeC can certainly support country restrictions. There are already features that would allow you to define a rule that says only allow this product to be shipped to these places.

    As far as visibility based on geography, you would have to control that in your site theme or elsewhere. Probably could continue to use the IQ block country, and only make the prices available when the IP is positively identified as coming from the UK. Doesn’t seem like it would be very hard at all.

    Hi, I need for the whole site to be visible worldwide, and for prices to be visible regardless of being registered user or not with a UK IP address, and for prices to be visible ONLY for users outside the UK if they register.
    Then I can control what people see outside the UK and (maybe) keep on the right side of the mighty Google.
    This functionality is available with shopping cart software (I have seen it elsewhere) but I don’t get how I could use IQ Block Country with WP eCommerce for this.
    Either that plugin will block users based on their IP address or it won’t.
    I don’t want to block countries per se, I just want to block the prices alone if outside the UK, and only show those prices if they register.
    I can control who registers no problem but the prices need to be hidden for users outside the UK until registered, and UK users would not be compelled to register to see the prices…..
    Maybe the only way to do this is to beef up the site with a different method than using WP eCommerce, my question is not if people think it should be easy, but if it can be done with WP eCommerce, and by what method.


Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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