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    Hi Mike,

    I know you answered this and gave a few suggestions but….No Swimmers are registered for swim meets. We have the swimmers registered for the season, but the registration for the meet / event is not getting used. At least at the moment. So without the details getting generated, I have a hard time to dump a meet that is gender specific. They are empty. Some meets I will require this registration process. Then I should be able to send a file over.

    Trying to call class object function directly. See below with example.
    I can gather swimmers by gender and then trying to pass them into these functions but it is not generating hy3 files.
    I get the message “No Season Id.”

    Any help to dump a roster file only by gender. I thought if I can get just a gender in the form, that the form would pick up the split/filter records and produce a gender specific file.

    Declare class with include or required.
    create instance for needed class.

    $hy3->generateHY3($swimmerIds) ;
    $Base->generateHY3File() ;

    $Export->setExportFileExtension(‘.hy3’) ;
    $Export->setExportFile(urlencode($hy3->getHY3File())) ;

    Any idea on what I can do to create this needed file?
    If I used the roster file – > Export Hy3 – it does create a FULL team file. Genders mixed (ALL). At least through front end (form) it is working. Only issue is too much data like parent info and other stuff. I think this can be commented out later.

    Thanks for the help.

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  • Hi Mike,

    This issue is resolved. We had an issue with memory, plugins, and code but now all is right.

    See other solution help that assist in this resolution.


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