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    Redux was suddenly installed in one of my sites. Since I sometimes try out things and then forget, I was not too concerned when I saw an update request for Redux. While I could not remember installing it, I thought that I must have a senile moment. Then I saw the other 1 star reviews that also claimed it appeared unwanted. My site runs the DIVI theme, and no, the developers did not add Redux. Besides that, I have 3 default WordPress themes. Since none of my many other sites have suddenly Redux, it is also not likely they installed it. Lastly, why I would give this plugin in a -10 if I could, it cannot be deactivated and deleted.
    If other plugins include your Framework without disclosure, shame on them. A plugin that cannot be easily uninstalled is an absolute no-no.
    Edit: I realize my anger was geared at the wrong target.

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  • Plugin Contributor Kevin Provance


    Well, certainly you cannot hold us liable for the bad practices of others. There is no way for us to know what project uses Redux and how they are installing it. Sometimes authors use TGM and force the plugin to activate. Again, this is beyond our control. If you discover the culprit, please send them a nasty gram instead. Thanks!

    @weblink, with all due respect, this is one of the most ridiculous reviews I’ve ever seen. Another plugin or theme automatically installs the Redux framework and doesn’t give you a way to remove it so you decide to give the Redux framework a bad review? How about giving the theme/plugin which actually caused this to happen a bad review instead?

    This is like me shooting someone but instead of the police arresting me they arrest the gun manufacturer instead. Hopefully you can see how ridiculous that sounds 🙂

    @kprovance Thank you for your measured response. I agree, I should have thought about the source of the problem in more detail. Panic about a possibly hacked site sets in when things happen “behind my back”.

    @smashballoon What axe do you have to grind to write such a comment? I am a (paying) customer of one of your plugins but attacks like that don’t leave me with a warm and fuzzy feeling. Maybe we all should calm down a notch?

    Plugin Contributor Kevin Provance


    For the record, @smashballoon does not work for us. While I do appreciate the support, this is not the forum in which to hash this out. We do have a Slack channel if you’d like to discuss it there:

    It was a misunderstanding. They happen. I believed the matter resolved. @weblink, you could change your star rating if so inclined. 😉

    Hey guys,

    I apologize. The tone of my comment was intended to be one of incredulation, but in rereading it I can see it comes across as rather rude! My intent was just to stick up for another plugin developer who received what I perceived to be an unjust negative review. I apologize though, I shouldn’t have commented and next time will keep my mouth shut 🙂

    Glad to see the star rating was adjusted anyhow. Apologies again for gatecrashing the party!

    Plugin Contributor Kevin Provance


    Not a problem @smashballoon. It’s the internet after all, yeah? There are never, ever any misunderstandings on the internet. 😉

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