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  • kaotik


    As a user, developer and designer; for the past decade I’m growing increasingly frustrated with the amount of nags and spam in which plugin developers are forcing in our Admin areas. Other admin users on the sites I build (that I don’t want clicking on these nags) can see these nags when logged in.

    Is there a way without having to install another plugin or manually override each nag as it occurs where WordPress can natively stop this from happening? It’s beyond frustrating and becoming a massive advertising and spam machine for plugin developers.

    I just happened to stumble onto this article and it sums up beautifully the issues we as admin users are dealing with,

    It would be a fantastic feature to request in future WP releases that puts a stop to this.

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  • kjodle


    I second this.

    Moderator Samuel Wood (Otto)

    (@otto42) Admin

    If the nags are annoying, have you considered not using those plugins? I mean, I don’t use any plugins that add those, and if they do, then I find alternatives.

    Just saying, this seems like a self policing issue. If the nags are bad, don’t use those plugins. No plugin is absolutely needed, ever. There are always alternatives.

    We require plugins to make such things dismissible, and for that to actually work. That’s all. So, if you have a lot of nags, either you’re not dismissing them, or the plugin is breaking guidelines. Guideline violations can be reported to us and we’ll remove the offending plugin from the directory until they comply.

    Email plugins at WordPress dot org about violations.



    And the plugin source code is GPL, so edit it and remove the nag.

    Moderator Jan Dembowski


    Brute Squad and Volunteer Moderator

    If the nags are annoying, have you considered not using those plugins? I mean, I don’t use any plugins that add those, and if they do, then I find alternatives.

    Seconded. Vote with your feet (or in the case of here, reviews and support topics), lose those plugins like a bad rash.

    It is perfectly acceptable to leave a poor review for a plugin or theme that nags you too much. That nagging is part of the experience and saying so is fine. There’s also the option where I’ve seen a plugin do that, tried it out and pointed via a support topic what the plugin was doing.

    In that instance the author screwed up in code. The support topic helped and the problem was fixed.

    For authors that don’t get it or repeatedly do that without getting the hint? Report the violation as Otto said. Just please make sure it’s an actual violation and not just “I don’t think they should do that”.

    Dion Designs


    All it takes is five lines of PHP in an appropriate location to get rid of the notices:

    function byebye_notices() {
    add_action('in_admin_header', 'byebye_notices');

    This also removes the large WordPress update nag at the top of the admin content area. IMO this isn’t a particularly big issue since WP puts update notifications in both the admin header bar and sidebar, as well as a small update nag in the admin footer. (One could argue that with four update notifications on every admin page, WP isn’t setting a particularly good example in this regard.)

    Anyway…back to the topic at hand. There’s a very popular plugin in the repository (I suspect a “top-ten” most popular) that is filled with nags and pointers, and when first activated it displays an advertising page. People have been complaining about it for years, and yet it continues. Other plugin authors have noticed this, and some have now incorporated the plugin’s notice/pointer/nag code in their own plugins. (One such plugin is also very popular, probably a “top-100”.) The problem is getting worse, and it appears that no amount of complaining by users will change that since the precedent has been set.

    This would seem to be the appropriate place to ask this question: If I wrote a plugin that modifies the above (unnamed) plugins to disable their notice/pointer/nag system, would it be accepted in the plugin repository?



    Thanks @diondesigns. Best reply so far. Problem is a lot of plugins most of us rely on are getting worse with the nagging and spamming. Some of these plugins don’t have alternatives which leaves us with this problem. I’m trying to run websites, not open a portal to allow advertising in inappropriate locations. It’s completely fine if plugin authors want to plug their work or additional services but not in the admin dashboard or across the admin header.

    Dion Designs


    More and more plugins and themes are abusing the admin bar because it can be displayed on the frontend to all logged-in users. It’s a loophole in the plugin/theme submission rules that IMO should be closed.

    I don’t have a problem with plugins/themes that have a dedicated advertising page, unless the page is set up as the main “dashboard” page of the plugin/theme. (This too is becoming more and more common.) That’s when I will hack the plugin/theme to completely remove the advertising page, and then write my own plugin to insure the hack is maintained after an update. 🙂



    It’s like WordPress needs some sort of checkmark on the Plugin page that allows automatic updates, allow notifications, etc.

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