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  1. y0sono
    Posted 9 years ago #

    First off, heres my gallery page:


    if you choose a folder, then choose a thumb, so that you are into the main image view area, with the prev / next buttons. The thing i am trying to do, is to get the breadcrumb nav, on the same line (within the same <div> tag) as the prev / next buttons, so that it looks more like this mock-up here:


    i've tried getting the breadcrumb nav in the same div tage as the prev/next buttons, just like in my mock-up, but it doesn't work - any ideas?

    thanks in advance for any input :)

    oh, also, i have noticed that on a mac, the thumbs seem to have a whit line between each row, whereas on a pc they don't (this is how i want them to look, all butted up against each other with no gaps) any ideas how i can rectify this?

  2. y0sono
    Posted 9 years ago #

    sorry to bump - but anyone?

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