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  • Hello every body… I am _request?_ a lot of features, one’s complex and large and others single and short…
    First comment my two features dreamed…
    ##### User system levels and permissions #####
    Ten levels is set by default, well, if profit this for change to this (the top levels gain news privileges and the same of down levels) for example the registered user (lv1) can send articles and can post comments (lv0).
    9 – Admin (can change the level user if this is < lvl9 and only to max lv permitted: lvl 8)
    8 – Master (can REMOVE post/category/comment)
    7 – Publisher advanced (can Edit ANY post/comment)
    6 – Publisher (can upload files)
    5 – Moderator advanced (the hability of validate ANY post)
    4 – Moderator (can moderate the comments of ANY post)
    3 – Advanced User (publish the articles without validation)
    2 – Author (same registered and can moderate/validate own post’s)*
    1 – Registered (can send post to DRAFT – for validate)
    0 – No registered (only can comment posts – for validate)
    * Add a option “Auto-level user lvl 1 to lvl 2 if one post is aproved”)
    If the default permission if administrated via a array if more cool… example (this no if a valid code of course 🙂
    array (
    “lvl1″ =>”COMMENT, SEND_DRAFT_POST”,
    The idea is simple: if admin can’t like the unregistered comments (admin fool IMHO) only can change lvl0 “COMMENT” to “” (blank)…
    ##### Redefine the post system for a optimally permalinks #####
    Related to post multiples pages: One post is only two variants, if is short and without the –!nextpage– tag this is a “simple post” (the same that in the last versions of WP) but the post then varius page this a “complex post” and this is separated from two ways:
    Complex post : Varius parts <– the same that in WP
    Complex post : Article
    This is the change… the method of use is this:
    Go to “Write” -> and checkbox “Article” in this subcategory if the same options but change –!nextpage– to –!nextpage=””!–
    Name of post, slug “the_article” and a resum+ –!more– tag… in the !–!more– optionally post a table of contents… write a text and use –!nextpage=”the_second_page.xhtml”– write the second page and the same for the next…
    Result in the permalink:
    /structure/name_of_article/ <– go to first page
    /structure/name_of_article/the_second_page.xhtml <- go to second page…
    The idea basically is profit the actual system to publish post and publish LARGE articles (like a how’to, etc)…
    ##### The next is the short features for implement #####
    [*] Add support for \LaTeX{}, you select in write “upload a .tex file” and this generate the .pdf, .html and others (the selected in checkboxes) this is complex… but funny for documentation-coders 🙂
    [*] The same like \LaTeX{}, the same like Docbook, of course 🙂
    ^-> This two depend of the support of software from server…
    [*] Where is the table of recommended chmod for each file?
    [*] View the install from mambo-server: 100% accesibility
    [*] Plugin for sanitize non-unicode caracters like the euro sign (change this to & euro ; ), á, é, í, ó, ú, the ñ (spanish) and others…
    Well this is all, in my mind is creating another idea related to i18n and the work of traslators… but this is commented another day ¿okay? 🙂
    PD: Waiting for replys ¿this ideas like you? x-D

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  • welcome to the “dreamers’ team” 🙂

    Davidchait sound good the plugin… the problem but the permalinks is the way of use extension and others… %post-name%.xhtml and the pages look like: name-of-post.xhtml1 (not xhtml/1/) … :-\ but this is another topic… x-D
    Yes, the plugin sound like I want… the only different is page-1 without the extension (.xhtml|.php|the_used_in_permalink_structure)

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