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    I like your product, but I am not yet comfortable with it because there are many limitations in it that I still don’t like:

    1.) LACK OF GRANULAR CONTROL: The function of the plugin is applied globally on all pages, Posts and whatever. I don’t want it that way.

    I just want it to be applied only on the specific place where I want people to see it.

    For example, I want to place the plugin on a specific part of my Footer.

    This means that there should be shortcode which I can place on a specific part of my website, and when any of the Services are clicked, a custom message will be sent to the intended recipient.

    I’m not able to align the icons to center. Is there a way to do this?

    How can we fix this?

    Needing to hear from you soon.

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  • Plugin Author micropat


    1) Uncheck the standard Placement options and use the [addtoany] shortcode.

    2) Use Additional CSS code to center align the Standard buttons. Since you’re using the shortcode buttons instead of the Standard buttons:

    .addtoany_shortcode { text-align: center; }

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    Hello Sir,
    Thank you so much for all the replies you’ve been giving me. They have been quite helpful.

    Honestly, I’ve been able to move forward in such a way that I’ve been able to get the buttons to sit where I want them specifically. And that’s on my Footer. See them here–

    What is remaining, is to get them to function.

    When any of the button is clicked, I want a message to be sent which says “I recommend

    How do I add this message to their respective templates, and how do I add the links?

    I mean where do I add the links?

    For example: if this is the Whatsapp template–

    a2a_config.templates.whatsapp = {
    phone: “15551234567”,
    text: “I’m interested in ${title} posted here: ${link}”

    Where does my message enter? And how do I add the link?

    Needing to hear from you soon.

    Special Regards

    Plugin Author micropat


    In that WhatsApp template example, you want to remove the phone customization and change the text value. You want something like:

    a2a_config.templates.whatsapp = {
        text: "I recommend ${title} ${link}"
    a2a_config.templates.twitter = {
        text: "I recommend ${title} ${link}",
        related: "style_patterns"
    }; = {
        subject: "I recommend ${title}",
        body: "Here: ${link}"

    Just add the code above to your “Additional JavaScript” box in Settings > AddToAny.

    Note that some services such as Facebook and LinkedIn do not accept a custom message.

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    Hmmm… this is me breathing an half sigh of some relief.

    I have followed your leading by entering Whatsapp as you instructed:

    , a2a_config.templates.whatsapp = {
    text: “I recommend ${title} ${link}”

    It however gave me a Token Error. See it here—

    All I want to say is a simple message for Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Email.

    The message is– I recommend

    Please, how should the Template for each of these Services(Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Email.) be written?

    Needing to hear from you soon.


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