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    Maybe this will help someone in advance.
    We have a website called World School Of Prophecy & News Events at or should I say had. We have some issues from day of one of this web site, one of them being AT&T web hosting, not supporting any WP version over 2.83.
    We worked on search engine optimization constantly and because we had a large site 140 + we were working on Page speed and trying to find a better cache plug-in. We were in the # 1 rank on first page search of Google in over 40 categories.

    About 27 hours on 9/5/10 ago We installed “W 3 Cache Plugin” and fatal error, so I uninstalled it, then could not get back into my dashboard, getting an error say that all the files did not uninstall. So i went in manually and and worked on it.

    Not knowing what the problem was, we finally reinstalled WP 3.01……..Then that started all kinds of new issues, now our data base won’t connect, passwords wont match, user name issues, I have to have a certain user name with AT&T and admin with WP, and wp keeps resting the password……..i AM CAUGHT IN THE MIDDLE. Our site has been down 30 hours, and because we have over a thousand url’s we are generating 404’s in a record way…LOL, I don’t have to tell what that does to your search ranking.

    So i guess we have lost it all.

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    Oh and by the way we found after the fact….the files that caused the original problem that did not uninstall from “W3 Cache Plug-in’ was db.php & cache.php, if we had known this, we could have avoided this whole thing………
    Tired and Heart Broken

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    Here is here we are looking at: has anybody delt with them?

    we get huge spikes in traffic…..we in between dedicated and shared
    we were $20 a month anyway
    We have some colleges that that teach from our site in the fall, so it needs to be able to handle a couple of hundred or so on at one time once in a while and times of the a hundred or so………

    Thanks again everybody



    mediatemple has had a lot of security problems this year… not a big fan of there setups….

    I’d do hostgator or bluehost…

    Any descent host should do a couple hundrud visits a day. I’ve had many times that form my host with no issues at all.

    Samuel B


    Media Temple had a hack problem recently and were very transparent about it – didn’t hide it or blame any software – took responsibility for it
    I would say that is a plus

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    I use LiquidWeb, but they’re on the upper end of cost. I also think they’re on the upper end of awesome. See… I used to use AT&T 😉

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    We have at least 1000 new visits + returns and then 1000 referrals or so a day……we need 200 or so at the same time
    That is the Big Difference

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    I’ll throw in another vote for ASO.

    I moved all of my sites to them five years ago after a battle with a few lousy hosting providers (which shall remain nameless), and I have never looked back. Their support is top-notch, and though they claim not to offer support for third-party scripts, they’ll often either tell you exactly what to do or just do it for you if it’s a slow day.

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    My only problem I can see with ASO….Is i like to be able to call idf I have to I think you can only email or live chat…….

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    Yes, at this time they only offer email and chat support. They’re hiring more employees to provide phone support eventually. Most companies outsource their phone support, so you’re helped by someone with limited knowledge of your hosting environment who’s probably supporting five other hosting providers simultaneously. ASO refuses to outsource their support, so you always get top-notch service and quick solutions. When online, they respond to live chats almost instantly, and support tickets are usually responded to within 5 minutes, depending on the priority you assign.

    (I should write a commercial for these guys.)

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