• This plugin is incredibly stupid, a huge catastrophe. You are familiar with various search-and-replace engines and you want to search for a term. The catastrophe strikes. The stupid plugin does not show you the search result, but replace whatever you had with a void! (because you left the replace box empty) Then try to restore your work! You cannot, because the stupid plugin does not have an undo option. Do not install it! It is not useless, but destructive!

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    Has the name of the plugin say it’s “Search AND replace”. So yes, the purpose of my plugin IS NOT to search in your database and show you the result.

    And there is 2 warning messages in my plugin to warn users :

    • A message in RED and BOLD telling to backup your database before using the plugin
    • And before launching the search/replace operation, a confirmation is asked to the user

    So before leaving a message like this, READ instructions of plugins you use please!

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