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  • Looking at the plugin repo page, gives a fair description of the situation, but nothing about “how to use this plugin”…

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  • Hi Aaron, I too found this very difficult to use. Here are the steps I finally figured out to use the plug-in.

    1. Install the plug-in
    2. Go to the plug-in’s Settings and click everything on.
    3. Click around on the website pages from the front-end – go to all of the pages if possible
    4. Go to the plug-in’s logged deprecations
    5. You will see a list of jQuery functions that are deprecated – what is the source (plugin name, theme name), the page that triggered the error, and the exact file name that has the depreciated code.

    I took a screenshot of the depreciated code and opened a support ticket with each plugin or theme vendor asking them to fix the issue. I got a positive response from several.

    I had some old custom themes that do not get updates, which meant I needed to fix the issues. I researched each deprecated issue and made an update to file.

    Once the file is fixed you need to clear the log and then go back to the front-end of the page to see if the error is logged again. I struggled with this a bit because of caching. I know the file was fixed, but it was still logging the deprecation. I had to clear the log and watch for several days to ensure that the error was not logged any longer. however, the continued logging can mean that the issue is not really fixed. You need to keep the process of fixing and clearing the log and testing on the front-end going until the log is no longer showing the error.

    Good luck

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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