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  • Last night I finally pulled myself away from work long enough to install WP and hack a template to use as the theme. It’s was thrown together fairly quickly, so pls excuse the code. I will be cleaning up the theme code over the next few weeks; when time permits.
    I would appreciate any comments about the design or any display errors; my mac is dead so I can only see thru my laptop 🙁 in the articles section.

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  • Different, interesting…. took 2.5 minutes to load on my crap 30 year old analog dialup lines….

    “Reccommend” needs correcting…. should be “recommend”.

    It’s very nice though!

    “took 2.5 minutes to load”… eeek!
    Ok, so I guess optimizing the images and cleaning out the code moved up a notch on the priority list.

    As I mentioned, I moved quickly and am down to just my laptop. So I hadn’t noticed, much less tested load time.
    Thanx for peeking, and the spelling catch.

    (Stupid spelling!)

    oh yeah, I also made the template into a Coppermine theme for the gallery. It looks pretty seamless…I think 🙂

    Yes, it does! I generally don’t notice which gallery option is in use, but yours does fit extremely well!

    As I said, the load time was for ugly dialup lines – I’m sure those with better lines or broadband don’t have the problem.

    Howdy. I really like it so far; I like that sort of ‘industrial’ look. Loaded in a blink for me on the overclocked ‘frag the weak, hurdle the dead’ broadband with tweaked FF 1.0.4. 🙂

    I’m on broadband and BAM! It came up right away. I think it has an almost medieval mood to it. I like the “glowing” mouseovers on your main nav buttons. And the gallery flowed so smoothly, I just assumed it was Gallery gallery. Looks great so far! I shall wait for more “infections” from your mind!

    J ;-P

    Thanx for taking a peek.
    It diffently has an industrial feel, and I have been having a thing for orange and yellow colors lately.
    Honestly, I have to admit that it was much easier to take a design and make it a working theme then I remember. I frk’n dig WP! 🙂

    Looks good to me.

    Loaded in less than a minute across a t-1.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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