• lourencoazevedo


    One of the definition of tool is an instrument that the end result is directly related with the way you use it.

    If a finger suffers a hit from a hammer the tool can’t be blamed only the user itself and the way he was using it.

    Shield Security Pro is like a tool, you have the out of the box configuration, which is really already something, but then you have in the Overview Area several ways that you can make it even more secure and also you can tweak it to your own needs.

    It all depends on how you want to dive in it and what are your needs.

    But for me all is covered, in a very intuitive way.

    I tried other plugins so far, some disappointed me in terms of complexity, others in therms of costumer support and other in therms of overall value vs price.

    I found in this plugin a good blend of easy to use, good costumer support and solid state tools to keep my website safe, tools that I can easily tweak to my own needs.

    I believe that this will get even better with time.

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