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  • I’m creating a website for a friend. It has several criteria and Hueman theme seems to fill most of theme. It it gets approval, I have no trouble donating.

    OK some requirements:
    ~ Modern looking – check
    ~ Full width – check
    ~ Responsive for Tablets and phones- check
    ~ Configurable / Customizable – mostly…

    I love the top menu! The ability to scroll down the page and have the top menu fixed at the top is wonderful. When combined with the bottom menu, it makes for great navigation on mobile phones in particular. Excellent! I will be using just the top and bottom menus. So I’m pleased I can configure out the Header menu (although I guess that’s actually a wordpress feature)

    On the other hand, I’m a little surprised that some things are pre-set and not fully configurable. In particular the sidebars being fixed to 2 pre-set choices — which are asymmetric. If they are going to be fixed size, rather than adjustable, could some equally sized sidebars be included? Some people like symmetry! But,ideally they should be able to be set to whatever size the user requires (within reason of course)

    And on the sidebars. while it’s good to be able to change the colors of the sidebar headers, it’s a shame that the social icons are fixed to the primary “Follow” Sidebar. If you ‘don’t use the sidebar, those social options is not there. OR, if you use the sidebar and don’t want the social icons you have a sidebar titled “Follow” & you’re stuck with it. Maybe the social icons could be included in a custom widget and the ability to modify sidebar titles added.

    ~ Suggested Plugins — yes and no..
    If plugins are vital to the theme, then they should be included. I understand that including the Regenerate Thumbnails is pretty much a mandatory, so that’s fair enough.

    But I dislike having plugins bundled and getting the annoying nag messages to install unless they are vital.

    In this case, I’m surprised that Contact Form 7 is being included. Don’t get me wrong. I quite Like CF7 and use it already on several sites.

    BUT, CF7 doesn’t play nicely with Hueman theme, or at least I can’t get it to stop spreading across the entire page as it appears that Hueman theme ignores the CF7 code to limit width… So why is it being bundled with the theme (well, foisted with a nag screen) when it is not working properly?

    my final must have is Admin Panel Updates.

    I have purchased too many “premium” themes that don’t update from the Admin Panel I have stopped using them now for 2 reasons. 1 many “premium” themes don’t update from the admin panel. 2 many premium theme owners move on to a new theme, stop supporting the original theme and attempt to flog you the new one — that has additional features and bug fixes.

    I now focus on good quality free themes that are available from the WordPress repository and give the creator of the them a donation.

    Why? because I generally find free themes are made with love first and foremost and I know there will be ongoing support.

    Second the majority of three themes update from the Admin section with one click. Easy enough for someone who isn’t a wordpress person (ie many of my friends) — they can click a link, but wouldn’t know how to install a theme or plugin — in fact I prefer to keep them out of admin so they don’t break the site — by setting up auto updater.

    Thirdly , I use an auto updating plugin, especially for people I am creating a site for so that the site stays constantly constantly — and they stay out of admin. Not just for wordpress updates and plugins, this includes the themes.

    So, I read with some dismay that in the documentation that it required to download an updated theme. ( ie re-visiting the site, downloading, logging in, swapping themes, uploading, activating the new theme — all just to do a theme update that could be done with a click — or automatically!)

    Please confirm that admin panel updates for the Hueman theme are not supported?

    Is this true?

    Thanks Dave.

    PS. I am not an PHP, HTML or CSS programmer but I do know my way around wordpress OK. By using quality themes and plugins to get the result I or my friends want… I can do minor hacks to child themes etc to get the required outcome — when pointed in the right direction, usually by Googling user forums, as I generally not the only person that has the issue. But I’d prefer not to.

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  • Hi Dave,

    very interesting article from you.

    Yes, I would also appreciate more flexibility for the width of sidebar primary and secondary.

    And it would be very helpful if the header of the primary sidebar could be edited.

    I am looking to hear what Alexander will answer to your questions and proposals.

    Best regards,

    You can change the title of the Primary sidebar by editing the sidebar.php file. You’ll want to copy the sidebar.php file to your child theme so updates wont effect your changes of course. But if you want to change the title just look for this code,

    <div class="sidebar-top group">
    				<p><?php _e('Follow:','hueman'); ?></p>
    				<?php alx_social_links() ; ?>

    in the sidebar.php file then change the “follow” to what ever you want it to say.

    To edit the title for the secondary sidebar you would do it in the sidebar-2.php file,

    <div class="sidebar-top group">
    			<p><?php _e('More','hueman'); ?></p>

    change the “more”.

    If you still would like to use the social icons but keep them out of the sidebar header I think deleting the following from the sidebar.php should do the trick,

    <?php alx_social_links() ; ?>

    the icons with then only appear in right hand side of the footer.

    But yes it would be nice to have the option to edit these from the admin panel. Not sure if it will make a difference by I am using the version of Hueman found on Alexanders website Not the wordpress version.

    Thank you Beefstick. All of your proposals are correct.

    I have temporally removed the sidebar headers with:

    .sidebar-top {
        display: none;

    Yes, it would be very nice to give Sidebar primary and Sidebar secondary the same width. But I don’t know how to do that.


    Since this is interesting “unofficial” thread (no joking – mostly all above is correct), I’ll maybe write something that some of you already know.
    Our friend Mr. Alex is not “out of nowhere author”: he is co-founder of – he departed in August, 2013, “looking for new adventures”, I suppose.
    If you look at the themes – does it looks familiar – specially “Intent” and “Typegrid”?
    What I want to say: he made public & free theme like Hueman, that obviously has >90% and more of functionality of mentioned premium ones (never tried these themes, from demo I see some additional shortcodes & similar, but nothing special).
    My opinion – that’s first “random act of kindness” as he says in his blog – sharing knowledge for free.
    Second – Hueman became in short time top 10 WP free themes for 2013.
    Third and final – gathered obviously large group of “followers” like the ones on this forum (personally, asked 2 questions, 1st solved by itself, other I’m working on) – so he made something like a “social phenomenon”, all free and open source. Behind it is a lot of work, experience and – talent.
    What I want to say, again: yes, additional functionality (as ones mentioned above) always welcomed, but I think Alex already did great work and made it public. Is it “small thing”? – or “act of kindness” 🙂
    For those ready (we are not all developers, of course) & willing to help further, his main Github project includes already lot of translations in many languages (15 at the moment) made mostly by contributors, Hueman itself has over 50 members / contributors at etc…
    As I repeat, all IMHO.
    Cheers to all,

    Moderator Andrew Nevins


    Forum moderator

    @karsten007, If you need support create a new thread

    @ Beefstick and Karsten007, thank you for your advice and assistance. I’ll look to do that.
    @ Mike Orange, thank you for that info. No I didn’t know that Alexander was the founder of and had since left to move onward and upward. The links you provided were interesting reading.

    As I said earlier, I prefer to deal with theme creators who provide their themes free as I have found, generally speaking they do it as an act of love. Many paid themes are not supported quite so well. That’s just my opinion tho. I’m sure there are theme companies that keep updating and upgrading their themes.

    However I’m a little surprised that Hueman is a free wordpress and also has a “premium” theme that is also free from the website. First time I’ve come across it.

    This is a good thing and a not so good thing. I am guessing this is being done to get around wordpress’ decree on what can and can’t be included in a theme.

    But in doing this the huge advantage of one click updates is lost. (and automatic updates)

    And I’m seeing more and more themes coming into the wordpress repository which are crippled lite themes with the option to purchase the “premium” theme and options splattered all through the admin panel.
    (Some might say, “so what do you want for nothing?” And you’d be right!)

    I’d like to thank Alexander for providing such a great theme for free, and also thank the supporters who also assist him on these and other forums.

    Again, I’m more than happy to pay a donation for support as well, rather than buy the theme upfront, as Ive done with 2 Cryout themes – Mantra and Tempera.)

    (I’d still like to know why CF7 is a recommended plugin when it doesn’t play well with the theme.)

    And I still have to decide if I go with the free premium theme that doesn’t have the Admin panel updates or stay with the wordpress version which, I’m assuming will still be updated to stay WP compliant when required. I am currently checking out the Hueman Premium (download) theme…

    Thanks all for you input!


    @nextstep (Dave),
    just short clarification since you are new to Hueman (I see moderators are watching this “discussion thread”, @andrew – last 1 from my side here 🙂
    -Hueman does not have “premium”(paid) version, just 2 different versions, both are free
    – this brings a little confusion to new “members of the club”
    -“full” version is on and has some additional functionality, but not ones discussed above (like automatic updates etc.) – at the moment ver. 2.15
    -reasons – read some explanations by Alex has to do something with “what is theme, what is plugin” philosophy, as I understand.
    -rest discussed above -basically we agree – great free WP theme (I just wrote that some of themes on looks like Hueman – but Hueman is brand new theme and free in all versions).That’s all, no “crippled and premium” story that you mentioned (I also dislike that “policy”).

    Hi Again Mike,

    First off to the Mods.. I hope I haven’t started a thread that contravenes WP etiquette. Almost every forum I visit has different rules and etiquette. If so, it wasn’t my intention and I apologize to the forum Mods (Andrew)

    If I may be more clear:

    I understand that Hueman theme(s) are both free. One is at the WP Repository and the other is a web site as a free download, giving two variations of the theme — both are absolutely free — as in free beer. (Thank you Alexander)

    I do understand that the Website theme, hereby referred to as the Fremium Theme, has added functionality, such as shortcodes.

    However by not being in the repository the Hueman Fremium Theme forgoes the Admin Panel One Click Updates. This facility — for me — is an absolute Priority #1 with no exceptions.

    (As such I had started to re-do the theme with Tempera, but I’ve put that on hold for the time being, and will be returning to the WP Repository version of Hueman theme.)

    The Repository theme, allows for One Click updates from the WP admin panel, but forgoes the added functionality included in the Freemium theme.

    Note: The auto update is done by a plugin, not the theme itself.

    With Auto Updating, I can create a self maintaining site for anyone.

    For those interested, I use the plugin Advanced Automatic Updates by pento to keep all my website(s)updated. The plugin can be configured to Update WordPress core and/or Plugins and/or Themes. And as far as I am aware, it has never broken one of my sites, but has literally saved me hundreds of hours of tedious updating.

    So, my intention is to uninstall the Fremium theme and reinstall the WP Repository theme and use Shortcodes Ultimate for added shortcode functionality.

    On another note, which is a workaround rather than a resolved…

    The CF7 issue of the fields sprawling across the middle column has been resolved by using a column (1/4) with the shortcode provided by Shortcodes Ultimate. (I also experimented with a table but the table interferes with the size of the fonts.) The only (very) minor issue is that the “Send” button is full width of the column as well.. (full width on mobile.

    thanks for listening to my rambling thoughts, D

    Hi Dave (Again 🙂
    thanks for useful advice on auto update plugin, never needed it so bad (as you do, obviously), but I’ll give it a try.
    Native Hueman shortcodes supports only text formatting, as you can see in or in “\wp-content\themes\hueman\functions\shortcodes.php” after you install Fremium version.
    Shortcodes Ultimate – far best choice for additional shortcodes functionality – I’ve tested it with Hueman 2.15, works perfect (well, I’m making now some of my own, but that’s another story).
    CF7 – yes, it is an issue – I’ve used it with other themes for a long time, but with Hueman it behaves really poor (I don’t know why Alex insisted on it).
    Possible solutions are shortcodes, as you mentioned, maybe some additional work in CSS (regarding the “ugly” Send button), or simply – another plugin – there are tons out there, most fully responsive.
    Thanks for the feedback,

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