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  • I have been using the Premium version of Wordfence for just over one year and I wanted to write a quick review to help others who are currently looking for a security plugin to help protect their website. I understand that this is a very important decision AND there is a ton of information out there offering advice on the best systems, the most important features, etc., and it can be overwhelming! I also wanted to write this review to help spread the word about Wordfence because I really like their system, the great support they offer and how much they seem to care about security in general – it seems to be a passion for them.

    I am primarily a businessman (not a technical resource) and I was looking for a security plugin that (1) offered quality / comprehensive security and (2) that was easy to understand, setup and maintain ongoing. I didn’t want a WordPress security system that was going to pull me away from my core business tasks so I did a ton of research and decided in the end to go with Wordfence because it seemed to have great reviews AND it also seemed to be the right fit for what I needed / wanted. I started out using their free version until I gained a good understanding of how the system worked and then I upgraded to the premium version because I wanted the premium features AND I also believe in paying people when they provide me with a quality product or service.

    Here’s what I like about Wordfence:

    1. It’s comprehensive security that’s easy to understand and work with

    2. They offer quick and effective support

    3. Regardless of where you are in their system, you can find and click on an “i” icon that will forward you to comprehensive AND easy to understand information on what that specific part of the Wordfence system does and how to use it

    4. I can set it and forget it – I only spent about 3 hours or so learning about and setting up Wordfence and then I was able to go focus on my core business without having to worry about my website (scans are automated, updates are automatic, I am alerted via email if issues are found AND I can (and have) even click a button to remove the issue

    5. Wordfence works really well / no “bug” issues

    6. I can see, in real time, the system blocking “attempts” to compromise my website

    7. I can even block out geographical areas (countries) that I don’t need (or want) to have access to my website

    And there is a lot more!

    As you can probably already tell from my review above – I am VERY satisfied with Wordfence security plugin and I have not once thought about going out and looking for a replacement because Wordfence has not once given me a reason to.

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  • I would agree with most of this assessment, excepting the “set and forget” part. Understanding the underlying causes of issues and correcting them depends on doing a good amount of manual work. Even if the non-technical site owner is not able to do that analysis and correction, it should not be ignored.

    That being said, I have rarely seen so much value packed into a free product.

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