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  • I can’t understand all the bad reviews here. Since they’re not even reviews… they’re just “old is better!! No reason to change!!” ecc.

    I’m not used to Gutenberg right now, but it’s simply because I’ve used the classic editor for years and I’ve used gutenberg for 3 days.

    But I think it has great potential and it feels way more welcoming and feature-rich than the classic editor.

    I can’t wait to see it integrated in the core of wp 5.0. Users will complain and stuff, but after 2-3 months they will finally get used to it, realize everything good about it, and move on so we can build a better wp experience for everyone.

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  • Most web designer work with much Better page Builders than this.
    So most webdesigner don’t need It at all.

    Plugin Author Tammie Lister


    @ziogio98 thanks for taking the time to leave a review and test Gutenberg. It’s a good point you make about getting used to it. With your recent use is there anything you feel could ease that for you? Is there any guiding or documentation you’d like to see more of?

    @damst i’m sorry if you feel like my comments are BS, but this is an open source product so if i feel a critique is not argumented I think i’m allowed to say that.

    @karmatosed three main things right now:

    – switching to code mode is a little harder

    – the block system is great, but I can’t clearly see and structure the document outline, and the “+” button to add new elements is almost hidden in the corner, while i think it should be the central part of the whole new editor.

    – the dropdowns are not always useful. For example, what’s the point of making the “featured image” a dropdown? it’s just one field, let it outside… too much clicks needed right now when compared to the old version.

    That’s what feels uncomfortable for me right now. But I’m sure i’ll get used to it. I already love all the other new stuff Gutenber is capable of 🙂

    @ziogio98 – I can’t help wondering, if you ever worked with any Layout builder before. I only can assume not. I am not saying the old is better, but Gutenberg is not even close to the stage and the capability to achieve what layout builders were able to do 5 years ago.

    your 5-star is of course a sad try to get a bit a shoulder padding from the not-so-gut designer. Just look what is existing on the market and compare to the sad try Gutenberg comes up with.

    maybe the developer should do the same and they would realize how far they are behind…. and maybe stop repeating themselves like a broken record “Oh, but it will be great” without actually saying, what will be great. if they would come up with it 5 years ago, I might even agree. However, for 2018 they are a few years behind what other achieved already a couple of years back

    @rhoody i worked with all the layout/page/site builders out there and i own a commercial license with most of them.

    I never said Gutenberg will replace them – at all. I love Oxygen 2.0 and Elementor Pro right now and they are millenia ahead of Gutenberg.

    But the point is: Gutenberg is a new, enriched, magnified TEXT editor (for now).

    And no, I don’t need any shoulder padding. I truly believe Gutenberg is a good TEXT editor. And that’s it.

    It allows for more advanced design without using useless plugins, it includes galleries, it allows widgets inside the posts automatically and it has a nice looking design.

    And, to be honest, I like changes almost everytime. My idea is not “if it works, keep it that way”. Because that’s not how products evolve.

    My idea is “if it doesn’t break everything, let’s try it out”.

    I tried it out and, as far as i can see, it doesn’t break anything. I’ve read some bad comments from reputable developers criticizing gutenberg, and I learnt about some bugs they really need to fix before releasing it to the core, but again, this is wp 4.9.8, not 5.0

    So let’s try and give them some time. If we won’t like it in wp 5.0, we will just use the classic editor plugin. I don’t see why all the rage is happening.

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    • This reply was modified 1 year, 1 month ago by  ziogio98.
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