• I’ve been changing a website over from Oblique theme to Neve and this has been a great help.
    I only maintain the website and our Sec provided content. He tends to just upload a new copy of images and pdfs when he needs them as he can never remember what they were called to find them again.

    I have been able to lighten the site considerably by placing things in folders he can find! Now all I have to do is hope he puts new things in the folders and doesn’t just upload them 🙂

    We are using the free version and it loses one star because when using the Neve customiser it throws the error ‘does not work with your website builder’. This was a minor problem as it only affected header images and such like.

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  • Hi @marywt ,

    Thank you for your review!

    We support all builders and themes in pro-version only.

    In lite version, we support WordPress’s default editor “Gutenberg”.

    Kind regards,

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