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  • I think we found a good work around for an issue we see on this support forum (at least I think this will work for us)

    We run a network of 32 sites at The Fun Times Guide. Each Subsite is set at a subdomain – ie: The Fun Times Guide to Dogs (

    We use Site Wide Tags (SWT) to feed that new content to the main site. As noted: this creates duplicate content with AND content at

    The suggested set is to NOINDEX the main site. This is NOT a good solution for us since that main site has its own original content that we DO want indexed.

    Our Fix:

    • Install Yoast’s WordPress SEO
    • Set main site to NoIndex Posts (SEO>Titles&Metas>Post Types>Meta Robots>Check noindex,follow)
    • Manually go to posts that reside on main site and set to Index (Post>Edit Post>WordPress SEO by Yoast tab>Advanced tab>Meta Robots Index>choose Index)

      All future incoming SWT post to the main site are auto set to NOINDEX – and any new posts to the main site must be manually set to Index using the Advanced Tab in WordPress SEO.

      Not the best solution if you have a bunch of content on the main site that needs to be indexed – but one that appears to work for us – and was a pretty quick fix. You may also be able to fix this through the database (ie: find post in a specific category that you want indexed and set those posts to Index – although we did not attempt this method since the above mentioned method was a quicker truer fix for us).

      I would love someone else’s opinion on this. Do you see any problems – SEO wise – that we may have created by doing this. Looks like a good fix for our situation – but only time will tell as Google re-indexs the site.

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  • Hey,

    I’ve been looking a more automated solution to this, but I haven’t found anything either. It looks like your way – manually going in to noindex certain posts on the main site is the way to do it. What a bummer too since I expect to have a handful of posts each day.

    I’ve checked out Yoast before and find their info very helpful, but I ended up using Ultimate SEO since it’s less confusing for me. Definitely not as pretty as Yoast, but they also have an option to directly no-index from the post AND thru the plugin settings Meta Robot Tags > Posts where it lists all of your posts together so you don’t have to go into individual posts. I don’t remember if Yoast has that, but I’m sure he will implement something similar if you ask.

    Oh and another thing I forgot to mention, under your network settings dashboard, the SWT settings allow for you to turn off indexing the tags blog… but I’m not sure if that prevents indexing of the entire site or just those posts… I’ll have find and see unless someone else has tried.

    That could be the easiest solution if it doesn’t prevent indexing of the entire site.

    Have you tried that yet? Whether it just disables indexing the duplicated posts or the whole main/tags site?

    yes – that’s how I use it – then go into individual post for that blog that you may want indexed as I outlined in original post above – works just as advertised


    I launched my site and checked the button that turns off indexing of the tags blog in the Sitewide Tags plugin. It trumped my seo plugin and automatically changed the admin settings of the main site so that the entire site would not be found in search engines. Not good for me since the homepage of my site houses all the aggregated posts!

    I guess I’ll just have to rely on my seo plugin to no-index the duplicate posts like the OP.

    If anyone wants to see the Sitewide Tags plugin in action with BuddyPress, my site is:

    The BuddyPress site is on it’s own subdomain here: using the Define Root Blog config.

    Hope this helps people!

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