• I really liked this tool for what it was and seemed to work for the most part and the price was right. I kept getting a message to upgrade to V2 and finally did. That was a huge mistake and will now look for another plugin.

    My issue was that the tasks would re-sort themselves when I opened the project but when you did a report they looked correct but did not match the opened project. Then the reports were totally incorrect and unusable.

    While the support was somewhat timely I worked with them for over 2 weeks with no real resolution and just went back to my good old Excel spreadsheets which helped me complete the project.

    If you like the plugin DO NOT upgrade and you will be fine hopefully. I gave it a 2 star but really wanted to give it a 1 star. They did try to help but is was untimely for me. Before the upgrade I would have given it a 4.

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