• If you need a basic plugin to hide content from un-registered users then it will be OK.

    Most of the features require the pro upgrade but it doesn’t actually tell you that it just removes a couple of boxes from the settings so you can’t actually achieve anything other than hiding content form unregistered users.

    Don’t bother contacting the support, they don’t actually read your questions, just give you links to the documentation.

    Wasted about half a day with this, frustrating.

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    Hello josswilson,

    It seems like you don’t wish any help from us.

    I’ll post this link here http://usersultra.com/support/forums/topic/issues-with-paid-membership/. People will see that you posted your question and we’ve got back to you within 12 hours.

    Most of the things you’re mentioning here are not true.

    Anyway, you have the right to leave your review. Once again, you didn’t read the replies. A proof if that is the answer to my question.

    Good luck

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    Your reply:

    “I presume you need a shortcode such as [usersultra_profile display_private_message=no] but [usersultra_profile display_photos=no] and [usersultra_profile display_videos=no] Don’t work “

    Again, you are not reading my replies.

    My reply was:


    Thanks for your post.

    http://doc.usersultra.com/user-account/ – here you will need to use the “disable” option

    http://doc.usersultra.com/user-profile/ – here you will need the “media_options_exclude”

    Please check the documentation.


    So… why are you using?

    [usersultra_profile display_photos=no]

    That’s not part of Users Ultra. We are not advertising that option anywhere and the documentation is very clear.

    Again, we replied to you within few hours after you’ve posted your question and you come here 12 hours you’ve posted your question to leave a bad review.

    It doesn’t seem you want us to help you.

    Are you serious? I said the shortcode you suggest in the documentation doesn’t work and you just keep pointing me to the documentation. I read your replies, you told me to read the documentation which I have done, numerous times.

    Why bother running a support forum if you’re just going to tell people to read the documentation without reading the actual question? Like I said in the review I wasted half a day trying to get your buggy plugin to work properly, I downloaded a proper plugin (restrict content pro, I would recommend this as it did what I wanted in half an hour without having to post questions to support and useful documentation) which did the job in half an hour, there is no way I would consider paying for the pro version of your plugin after the trouble I’ve had with it.

    I would consider removing the “lite” version of the plugin from the store if I were you, or perhaps be honest about the functions. Why bother putting in options for membership packages when there is no way to actually implement them in the registration form? The guide you pointed me to had dropdown options which were’t available on my version, I’m presuming these are the only in the PRO version.

    The shortcodes I suggested were a stab in the dark guess as the ones you suggest on the documentation don’t work. You accuse me of not reading your replies, when the reason I’m so frustrated with this plug-in is that you were’t reading my questions.

    Please have the good grace to swallow your 2 star review without making a fool of yourself, you have plenty of other good reviews so I don’t think it will make any difference to people considering using your plug-in.

    From your description on the wordpress.org page for your plug-in

    Users Ultra handles One-Time and Recurrent Payments.

    Not if you can’t get it to work it doesn’t. I would consider removing this misleading description. Key steps from the documentation were missing from my version so the one-time payment was impossible to implement.

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    Thanks for sharing your thoughts about the plugin.
    Have a nice day

    I would say that this plugin offer more than it should for free. The lite version offers so many features that you could create a mega community, the pro is even better. I am not related at all with this company. I just feel this review is unfair because the issues mentioned by the reviewer are not present on my 3 websites

    As for your comments about the support, that’s not true. As a free user i have received quick replies, within hours.

    I respect your opinions. I don’t mean to sound rude

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    Hello victor.zorentti,

    Thanks for your kind words.

    Now, having that said. please don’t take me on the wrong way but I’d like to leave it that way. josswilson has the right to leave a review. So.. let’s move on.

    Our main priority is making UU better even day.

    Have a great weekend guys.

    No hard feelings at all.


    Yes the replies were very quick I didn’t have a problem with the speed of the replies, the problem I had was with the content.

    If it was made clear the lite version doesn’t support paid membership then I wouldn’t have bothered with it as a paid membership plugin is what I was looking for, having said that for free memberships and hiding content from unregistered users it is very capable.

    I don’t wish to keep updating this topic. But.. you’re saying that the lite version doesn’t include paid memebership which is not true. The lite version includes paid membership features. I would say it is almost the same than the pro version and i am using it with my paypal.

    Again, i am not associated with this company ar all.


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