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  • GoDaddy only allows wildcard subdomains if you’re using a static IP address, I believe.

    If you use subfolders, you’ll have instead.

    Search works the same way across sites, though, subdomain or subfolder.

    This presents me with the issue of having to fill the /shop subfolder with the content of the shop subdomain unless there is somehow a means of making the multisite global search plugin pull results from somewhere else and I am just not understanding how to make that happen. Thanks for the quick response, I’ll be around for the rest of the day checking my e-mail for you.

    From the multisite search readme.txt
    >* Receive results from your complete blog network, even sites you do not own or control.
    Leads me to believe you should be able to tell the plugin “hey look here for stuff”

    You misunderstand a couple things 🙂

    First, there should be no ‘subfolder’ for shop.

    Second, If you want to switch from a subfolder install to subdomains, you can do so. Directions are mentioned on the Create a Network page.

    Third by ‘sites you do not own…’ the plugin means that not all Multisite installs have the same admin on every subsite, so often you own one and I another. That plugin probably allows you to search ALL subsites, regardless of if you, personally, admin them.

    I was convinced GoDaddy did not support subdomain functionality with respect to multisite. When I can configuring it to subfolders and not subdomains it said I would not be able to undo that choice.

    You CAN undo it, you just need to be a little savvy.

    Re-read the Create a Network page. You’ll need to edit the sites i your database to their new name, OR delete and re-create after you switch over.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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