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  • Much like how operating systems needed to eventually offer & maintain their own anti-malware programs (not offload it to a 3rd party program or even make people pay for something essential like security monitoring & scanning), WordPress finds itself in a similar position to help make sure users of its software are safe (or at least can know something was found to then act on it.)

    This is a great direction to see WordPress going in as a primary/official offering for WordPress.

    I do with it was more clear what is & isn’t in the free offering from Jetpack Protect compared to Jetpack Scan (ideally then making the essentials in the free offering [a-la Windows Security], while I do understand stuff that can’t be done on the site itself potentially having a cost associated with it [not exactly sure what those items would be… automated scans, email notifications, one-click cleanup/actions, etc. should all be doable on the site itself without getting a remote service involved [updating what to look for then being intermittent enough to ideally not be too demanding while that does have some resource requirements… is it then just more frequent checks for those details, priority support, etc…?])

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