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  • Greetings, I have it up and running and everything mechanically seems to be working fine, except a couple things. One is, when a user initiates a chat and enters a email it still says there is no email. I will be including a screen shot, this user is me initiating so I am sure I entered a email address.

    Second, when I am not logged into admin or the blog or my phpbb community as admin, it does not do what yours does and emails a message when not online. It sits trying to make a connection.

    is there a way to open the admin chat window in a clean window instead of a admin menu window? The included link will show. Also, is there a way to make the letters smaller for the heading? And, the user window somehow is a slight bigger than the container box that contains it if you take a look at the included link.

    Besides for these silly things which I am sure will add up in time with many please could you add this or that like a little chimer to let you know there is a requested chat, but everything really does run fine. Also, if ad min looses connection or needs to go ect… is there a way to inform the user the connection is gone and please leave an email? hehe, one last silly request, after viewing our site Joseph’s Journey you may understand why the request, we have both our wp blog and our phpbb forum connected. If it could be possible, if a chat is initiated to create a pop out window for the user so chatting can continue and they can move freely around the entire site so we can help them and guide them whereever they are that would as well be awesome…

    Screen Shot of examples for this dicussion A Picture speaks so much more than any wordy description can 🙂

    Thanks for a great MOD. Sorry to bother you with these requests and help.

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    Hi Joseph
    Thank you for the feedback!

    When you log out, the variable that the plugin uses to see if you are logged in or not times out after about a minute. Therefore, if you try immediately after you log out, it might still think you are logged in. Coming back after a few minutes should result in you seeing the “leave a message” screen.

    Secondly, I’ll try come up with a solution to open the chat window in a standalone window but this may or may not happen depending on a few things..!

    Kind regards

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