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  • Hi!

    First of all just want to say thank to the author for this plugin — I’m building a community blog that allows users to upload photos within a post so uploaded images will be listed with a gallery shortcode, and that since it utilizes the library core function I can process uploaded files further with ease. There are tons of unloaders but it was hard to find one that does just what I want.

    There are a few suggestions.

    1. is it possible to auto-approve files uploaded by registered users? I’ve surrounded the upload form by a member only shortcode using another plugin, but I still have to approve each single images. I think would be logical to approve files uploaded by trusted users, but now even a file uploaded by admin needs approval. The idea of the plugin is great, but I was also seeking options to extend it.
    2. Unable to customize mark up. I appreciate that the title and other values and other static string can be entered through the shortcode, but I can’t customize the markup. For example it currently uses the h2 tag for title, it would be great if I can just use my own tag.
    3. Pre-populate captions in shortcode. I’d like to pre-populate the captions so uploaded files can be searched and reused later, but I couldn’t find a way to hide the input tag. The temporary fix is to use a static input HTML code but it would be nice if there’s a option to hide input.
    4. Need more fields! (-; Can we also have other fields such as description, basically all changeable fields in a standard file? Again this is for information purpose so files can be easily reused later.

    Well… I think I’m asking a lot! (-; But it would be great if they can be looked into to make this even greater plugin!


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  • Plugin Author Rinat Khaziev


    Hey Baiz,

    Thanks for your kind words.

    1. This is a good one, I’ve added an issue.
    2. There’s some customization possible (via shortcode itself and a filter), but that totally makes sense. Thanks for bringing that up, added as an issue as well.
    3. Not sure what do you mean
    4. You can add more fields with filters, please refer to . Although, it requires some PHP knowledge. I would be glad to hear more details about your use case.

    The last, but not the least, I’m currently severely swamped with client work, so there’s no tentative date for the new release .

    Hi Rinat,

    Thanks for the hints — really helpful! Oh no problem, just when you have time to take a look would be great, the fix that I need the most is auto approve, I guess I can create a script to hook to your plugin to fix this for the time been.

    For (3), yeah the wording was strange, must been thinking something else when I was writing. (-; I meant that I need an option to hide input tags, make such as tge caption input hidden.

    The use case for (4 – more fields) is that, it’s a little long story but, the post that will be using Frontend Upload is generated based on a predefined form, and post title / category / tags / body are automatically set based on user inputs, now, on the generated post, I’d like to set Frontend Upload to pre-populate hidden fields, such as post title goes to image title, “Photo of %category% posted by %display_name%” as alternative text, some more information in description field for SEO purpose, etc., so the idea is to prepare the information of files to be uploaded by Frontend Upload.

    The application is an all-age community site so I’d like to make things really simple so they don’t need to learn how to post blog or use the default media uploader. (-; I plan to add sections so that users can see photos of specific events and that is another reason why pre-defined information will be useful later.

    Again Rinat, please take it easy and no rush, your plugin is really cool for me already, take time to make the plugin better!

    Last note, though, if you’re going to implement auto approval for registered users, it would be nice to make uploaded file owned by that user, so that if the user become naughty later his all posts / files can be deleted with ease.


Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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