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  • Plugin Author Jeremy Herve


    Jetpack Mechanic

    I see you’ve also contacted us via email.

    As I mentioned in my reply to your email, we’ll have a closer look at the different issues you’ve reported, and we’ll see if we can reproduce the problems and fix them in a future Jetpack release.

    Thanks a lot for the detailed report!

    Trac tickets:

    Thanks Jeremy,

    It would be good to see the bugs addressed, but it strikes me that some context around my use case – what I’m trying to do – might be helpful.

    I’m trying to provide help text or guidance: additional context to the user through the label, so that the user provides more helpful feedback. I’m also intending that style of more descriptive label to personalise the form a little more.

    One problem with the approach is that the resulting html element name becomes very long (e.g. name=”g245-ifyoudbehappyforustocontactyoutoaskyoufurtherquestionsoranswerquestionsyouhavepleasecheckhereandprovideuswithyouremailaddress”), which I suspect may be part of the reason problems are occuring.

    Ultimately, help text might be better supported using an additional field specifically for that purpose. I’m sure there are other references, but Google Forms is one I’m familiar with that provides a good example.

    Note also that it appears as if a side effect of #1737-plugins is that some of the fields (noticeably the not required ones) may not appear correctly in the feedbacks record: I have at least one exmaple of a field not showing. I haven’t done enough investigation to know whether this is a cumulative problem across the contact form, or on a per field basis.

    I’ve found that the Jetpack contact form puts in
    %26#x002c; for comma (,) and
    %26#039; for apostrophe (‘)
    if I’m using the visual editor.

    Since it wraps text fields in the single quote, the label field which contains the apostrophe gets wiped out.

    Apostrophe is a reserved entity in HTML,
    entity name ' and
    entity number '

    I think some entity encoding string substitutions are getting fouled up.

    If I use use the Text editor tab and replace the single quotes with double (which the plugin used to use – I just upgraded and noticed the difference), the label line containing the apostrophe renders.

    Oops, that entity number for the apostrophe got converted.

    Here it is, with spaces between each character. It starts with an ampersand and ends with a semicolon.

    & # 3 9 ;

    (ampersand pound three nine semicolon)

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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