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  • New to using wordpress and making websites in general.
    I am pretty overwhelmed by the whole process but am committed to learning and building my website how I want it.

    Anyways, I have a few questions regarding the editing of my theme.

    First off, this is my website-
    (I envision it being a info hub of restaurants and bars in my town)

    I chose the ‘Twenty Eleven Theme’ from because it looked simple and clean.

    Okay, back to the editing of the theme.
    Is it even possible to ‘personalize’ it to a degree? Or are you pretty much confined to how the presets of the theme are?

    Although I am probably going to have hundreds of questions regarding the editing of my theme (lets hope not though), these are the first couple I have right off the bat.

    (you need to copy and past this URL)

    This is an image of my site.
    If you cant read the text on the image, it is asking how to add text where this quote is-

    Nothing found
    Apologies, but no results were found ect…..

    I am wondering how to delete the text that is there and add my own text.

    ALSO, I want to know how to delete the pages on the right side of site.
    Site Admin
    Log Out

    I pretty much just dont see any of that stuff necessary and would like to get rid of it.


    I would also like to edit the ‘header?’ in the theme.
    By header I mean the part where it says “restaurants and Bars-Everything you need to know about restaurants and bars in bellingham.

    I dont even know how to get to the menu to change the words..
    I would also like to center it.
    And get rid of the search function on the right hand side.

    3.) The last of my questions pertain to my header image.
    In the theme it gives you an option of randomizing the images so every time you reload the page a new image (out of 8) comes up. This is awesome, however, it only gives you the option of doing this with their default images.
    Is there anyway to make it do this but with your own images??

    So ya, that is pretty much all I have regarding questions now. Sorry if all this stuff seems really idiotic and stupid I’m really just trying to learn the ropes right now.

    Thanks to all who read this whole thing and everyone who is able to contribute to this

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  • First, yes – you can customize the look of your website to an infinite degree. Just have a look at the examples in the Showcase

    You do however need to know HTML, CSS and PHP. If not you’ll have a very hard time. If you know some basics, consider buying a book about customizing WordPress themes. Here are a few:

    If you don’t understand the basics, then what I’m going to tell you next will sound like greek…

    To add some content on every page before the post content you’ll have to edit the theme files directly. In Twenty Eleven it would go in index.php before the Loop

    restaurants and Bars-Everything you need to know about restaurants and bars in bellingham

    This is the Site Title and Tagline which you can change in Settings ยป General. If you want to remove this and the search box, you’ll have to edit the header.php file. Modifying it’s appearance will require custom CSS. However take care to ensure that you have a H1 tag somewhere else on the site for SEO.

    You other alternative is to find another theme? Or maybe you can hire someone to help you make these changes.

    For #3, I think you can upload more than 1 header image. Not sure if it will randomize your images when you do that though, but give it a try?

    @johansson if you figure out the multiple photo randomizer issue, please post the answer. I have a site using Twenty Eleven theme and want to accomplish this as well if possible.

    Thanks for the reply blog junkie.
    I really appreciate the answer.
    I do however, a couple questions.

    Correct me if im wrong, but are you saying that unless I know HTML, CSS and PHP I will not be able to do much editing of my theme at all? even something as ‘easy’ as just like changing the font size?

    Quick test: What language is this?

    .entry { font-size: 18px; }

    And where would you paste the above code to change the font size? If you don’t know the answer to that then yes, you’ll have a hard time editing your theme.

    I’m not mocking you, I’m just making a point that web design is not something you can pick up overnight.

    Maybe another alternative is to download a free theme from WooThemes. I think most of them have point and click options to change the font size and other website elements.

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