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  • hello, first I’d like to say that i love this plugin! thank you!
    there are two things I feel would be beneficial to the continued development.
    first, an option to refresh and cycle to the next ad in the rotation with out the user actively refreshing the page, this would have to only refresh the ad units so that users wouldn’t lose their place in the page.
    secondly, I have 100’s of blogs. i spend hours among hours changing and updating my ad’s because i have to edit the rotation in each site manually. is there a way to copy the ad rotations from one site to all of my sites? like edit one master include file to change the rotations? or even if i made changes to one site and then uploaded that site’s ad-injection-data folder to all my other sites it would be easier then editing each site manually, would that work?
    thanks for you assistance and for an awesome plugin.

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  • after looking closer at the file contents of the ad-injection-data folder i think what i want to do is make all of my sites across many hosting accounts look for the the same ad-injection-data folder, can i change where that folder gets loaded from?

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