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    Hi Caroline and everyone,

    I have gone through all 16 pages of this support forum to see if I can sorted out myself but I somehow got even more confused and overwhelmed (this is my first wp), so I apologize in advance if the same/similar questions have been asked before, but if you could help me or direct me to the right place, that would be great.

    Here is the website link :
    (At this stage, all the images/texts are just samples as I’d like to figure it out how the site works first.)

    Regarding the top page:

    1) Can the font/size of the site title be changed? I’ve gone “appearance” to “header”, and there it actually comes up in the font I wouldn’t mind, but on the actual site, it is different.

    2) As you can see, on the top right, there is a Japanese word for “HOME” next to “ABOUT”. My wordpress is Japanese version (official) as I will be posting things both in Japanese and English, however I do not want to have that “HOME” in Japanese.
    I don’t know why it appeared like that, as when I tried other themes, that never happened.
    I actually wouldn’t mind getting rid of it all, as people can just click on “” and that would take you back to the top page, but if I cannot get rid of it, I want at least change it to English.
    As this was something automatically appeared and not something I put it there, I can’t find where to fix it.
    Also, no matter how many times I try, the order of the top menu does not seem to appear how I want them to. I put them in order I want in menu page, but does not reflect.
    I’d like “Home”(if to have it), “About””Work” “News””Contact” from left to right.

    3)You cannot see circles till you hover over them. How can I make it like the demo page where all the images are visible in B&W and when you hover over them become in color?

    4)Is it allowed to remove “Proudly powered by WordPress | Spun by Caroline Moore”? If so, how?

    I have followed the advice of the previous post “″and changed the top page circle to link pages instead of posts. I have further questions about these but I will get to that later in a separate posts, as I think this is already more than enough questions for one post.

    Sorry about the long post as trying to give as detailed questions as possible…

    If anyone can help me with one or more (or all!) of these, that would be much appreciated. Thank you in advance.


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