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  • Ok i finally got my theme working (it’s an edited version of the “tiny” theme) and now i just have a few small thinks to tweak to get the final look i want.

    1. Remove the “sitemap” text… i cant find where this is located.. i found several PHP references to it in my loop but if i remove those it just make it not link to anything. I actually want to remove the text itself.

    2. Move the “search” text up… it’s in the links div with the background being the “links” image. How would i move the search text up but leave the background image how it is?

    3. Linking my links… so i have never really used CSS before for anything other than formatting text and aligning stuff. How would i go about creating actual clickable links over my images? I don’t need rollovers or anything fancy i just want to be able to “draw” (like in HTML) a box over each link and then link it.. is this possible?

    4. Reducing the space between my “links” bar and the first post… and also between the footer and my last post. I cant find where i would do this.

    Thanks for all the help i have recieved so far!

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  • Regarding number 3…

    You should slice the image and link each of them this way:
    <a href="x"><img src="x" alt="x" /></a>

    The alternative way (not recommended) is to do this several times in a row:
    <a href="x" style="width:70px;height:12px;">&nbsp;</a>
    Another alternative is the use of imagemaps. They’re better than the thing before but i don’t recommend that at all.

    regarding number 2…
    What about absolute positioning? I have no idea how you got it there because I haven’t looked into the code… but if you do what i said for number 3 this problem shouldn’t occur!

    and number 4…
    look at the stylesheet: #menu takes 50px of height. Decrease it.

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