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  • I am fairly new to the WordPress blogging system and so far, I must say that it is an impressive offering. However, in my few days worth of experience with WordPress I have come up with a few questions.

    First, what does it mean when plugin installation instructions tell you to place the PHP function code within the “LOOP” of WordPress. What constitutes as the LOOP?

    Secondly, I have noticed that many plugins require you to place a string of PHP within the main Index template or some other file. Is this considered “Hacking The Core Files” and if I upgrade WP in the future from 2.2 to whatever version that comes after, will all of these plugins that required a piece of PHP code to be inserted into a file be broken? Will I have to reinstall all of these plugins?

    Thanks for the answers, and I am really impressed with WordPress thus far.

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    2. No, it’s called editing a theme file.

    As to the rest of that question, there’s no telling. For instance, there were very few functional changes from WP1.x up to 2.0.x

    WP2.1.x saw the beginning of many deprecated fucntions that have been entirely phased out in 2.2.

    Consequently, plugins and themes that relied on those older functions were broke.

    Just a note for the future — those tags that you have added to this post, some of them are meaningless and really dont provide any value added benefit to the searchability of the site — specifically ‘for?’ ………….

    I have removed the For tag and thanks for the answers. Apparently putting a space in between the words WORDPRESS FOR DUMMIES turned all three words into seperate tags which is why FOR was listed as a tag.

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