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    Hi there,
    Thanks for this great Amazon plugin. I’ve tried most of the current ones and settled with yours. Seems to be the best one I could find.

    I have a couple of questions:
    1) How can I line book cover images horizontally?
    At the moment each book cover takes a new line. If I post three books it makes for a lot of scrolling down. I would like them side-by-side. Any way to do that?

    2) Is there something special required to make the carousel widget work? When I insert it nothing seems to happen.

    Thank you,


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  • Plugin Author paulstuttard


    Hi Jonathon,

    Thanks for trying the plugin, I have added an extra Q&A to the FAQ section as question (1) comes up alot:

    If you want images to be displayed side by side and the text to wrap around the Amazon items, then you simply need to take advantage of the built in ‘align’ classes provided by WordPress.

    On the Amazon-Link / Templates Settings page:

    • Find the template you wish to use (e.g. thumbnail),
    • Create a copy of that template and rename it appropriately (e.g. thumbnail left)
    • In the template content find the first element e.g. inside the <div> or <iframe>, either add or update the existing style="..." section to include either ‘alignleft‘, ‘alignright‘ or ‘aligncenter‘ (e.g. <div style="alignleft">
    • Save the new template and use it for your Amazon Links.

    In answer to question (2):

    You may find (and so will your visitors) that the Amazon javascript based templates will be detected and blocked by firewall software and any ‘adblocker’ function of your browser. This is because the scripts and iframes are hosted on Amazon’s site and so it is easy to create a filter for them.

    Additionally when they were first introduced by Amazon they were only supported by a handful of locales, e.g. They did not used to work in Canada. This might have improved recently but I have not checked.

    Hope this helps,


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