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  • Hello there all. I know that there are many threads out there about xhtml themes being converted over to WP for the use of a CMS but I needed to ask a few questions about my upcoming project that I just have not really found a clear answer too.

    I am going to start a css three column layout for a comedian. I want to make the design and then convert it into a WP theme so that it looks like a website not a blog. I want to have the control of WP in the background to update the news page along with other pages too. Basically I want to give an easy interface for the comedian to update his entire site easily without all the normal blog look or widgets. I don’t want a linking archive on the news page, comment options or even a search. Really I want no sidebar functions on the news page. However, I would still like t give him a blog to work with too that would have all that control. This would give him easy control and give his news rss feed ability for getting the word out.

    Is it going to be possible to have the that back end control on his news page and on also on his blog page or even more? From what I have read, it looks as if the main content of the blog can only go on one page really. Everything else remains static. For example, if he used the news page as the way to publish his major news updates, would his blog page have the same content or could they be separate content entirely without being staic and also giving him the ability to archive it all as well

    are there any in depth tutorials on the subject and is there a good events plug-in that would allow him great control over his tour schedule? and the option to have his schedule on all his pages for easy access?

    I know it is a lot to take in, but your help is appreciated?


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Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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